I Called Her Crazy For Buying This Old Knife Block “For Her Kids” But Then I Saw The Result : AWM

I Called Her Crazy For Buying This Old Knife Block “For Her Kids” But Then I Saw The Result

Ever since she was young, mother and creator Serena Appiah has loved finding ways to upcycle objects. In other words, she takes a mundane object and then looks for ways to take her creativity to new heights, challenging the status quo and creating something new and exciting. She’s solved many problems parents face especially when it comes to organizing kids’ belongings.

As any parent knows, a little one’s room can get out of hand right quickly if mom or dad doesn’t step in and teach them how to neaten it up.

Serena wanted to find an out-of-the-box way to solve this organization problem. So while hitting up a local thrift shop, she had a brilliant idea. She was looking at the shelves and saw old knife blocks lined up one after the other. And she thought she had figured out a way to transform these into something that could solve her children’s organizational illiteracy.

“I was walking past this section of knife blocks, and inspiration hit. I just knew I was supposed to buy one. And boy am I glad I did!”

While most people would just see a block of wood created to place knives into it, Serena saw something so much more. She had a vision of how this old object could find new purpose as a holder for her children’s numerous school supplies.

With a power drill, she turned the slits for the knife into bigger holes that could hold crayons or colored pencils. And it worked perfectly.

But before she handed the organizer over to her kids, she got crafty. She painted it and even added a latch so the holder could keep her children’s scissors in a safe place. There was also a bracket added to hold paintbrushes.

Because she was so proud of her project, she uploaded a video of herself making it to YouTube. And that video has already been viewed more than 130,000 times. People love watching her make useful things out of junks he found at the thrift store. There really is something satisfying about transforming someone else’s trash into a lovely piece of treasure.

In the video description, Selena writes, “I had found this old knife block from the thrift store and wanted to make a DIY crayon holder for my kids. This easy DIY craft project takes only about 1 hour, and the only tool you’ll need is a power drill and a few supplies!”

And her viewers are also very excited. They shared dozens of comments including the following:

“I’m going to make 2 of these.  One for my granddaughter and one for me!!! Such a cute and easy idea. “

“Such a great idea. I will give this one a try especially with summer break upon us.  Thanks for sharing.”

“How clever are you? That’s a super cool idea! Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you!”

Knife blocks are not hard to find. And that means you can go to your neighborhood thrift store and find one to transform into a school supply organizer.