Zach and Nicole were born to follow the tiny house movement. However, this couple decided to build their dream home in a rather unconventional way. While their abode is smaller and simpler than most homes, it is also a perfect circle. The couple now lives their dream life inside of a yurt and would not change it for anything in the world. But they never would have been able to find their perfect way to live if it wasn’t for their fascination with tiny homes and van living, which inspired them to build a yurt as their dream home.

Tiny homes are popular among young people and retirees. Because these properties cost a lot less money to maintain, they are a great way to save cash while still pursuing other interests in life. Not everyone wants to shell out a lot of money on a mortgage or homeowner’s insurance. A tiny home – or yurt in this case – is a great way to live in a good home without having to spend more money than they would want.

Yurts are not a new type of housing. These large, tent-like structures have been around for centuries and were popularized in Central Asia. They’ve been found to go back all the way to 600 BC!

After living in a van for a few years, Zach and Nicole decided that they wanted to “settle down” into a more structured home. They eventually fell in love with yurt living and decided to build their dream home.

In the YouTube video below from Living Big In a Tiny Home, you’ll get a tour of the amazing yurt and see how Zach and Nicole were able to take this ancient design and transform it into practical modern living.

The video description reads, “This incredible small home is a completely contemporary, modern take on the traditional yurt. With a diameter of 30ft (9meters), this beautiful home has it all and is packed full of some wonderfully unique design features.”

Viewers were delighted by the tour. The clip has been viewed more than 5 million times, and thousands of people have shared comments. The following are a few from viewers like you.

“Seriously! You guys are not giving yourself enough credit. The level of imagination it took to design the layout you have and just looking for and leasing land is Nuts. This is by far the best functional, realistic build I’ve seen. Definitely adding this to my DIY minimalist inspiration and will be sharing it with everyone.”

“He wanted to convince people that Yurts can be attractive, and he has succeeded. This place is beautiful.”

“I wouldn’t have imagined it being so big on the inside. Quite impressive.”

“The sleeping loft is amazing. It’s like sleeping in a night garden. Thank you for this video.”

“I love to watch passionate people who build, be it anything from a paper clip to shoes to homes to buildings to giant ships. It is so good to watch humans build things so passionately!”

What do you think about this yurt? Do you think you could get comfortable in it?