If you’ve ever struggled to reheat your food in the microwave, we have a tip that might help you. Finding the perfect temperature for reheated food is a struggle that thousands of people face each day. Far too often, the microwave either makes the food too hot or not hot enough, which means that you have to keep trying to get it just right again and again.

Thankfully, a new TikTok video has shared a tip that may help make it easier to microwave food at the perfect temperature. According to the TikTok user, @HowDoesShe, there’s a simple way to make sure your food comes out of the microwave warm and edible – not scalding or cold as ice.

According to the TikTok video, the best way to reheat food in the microwave is to place it into a circle. While most people pile up their food on the plate and then put it into the microwave, this TikTok user suggests creating a doughnut shape out of the food because it will help the microwaves inside of the appliance reach up to more of the food and cook it more evenly.

She suggests, “Change the way you microwave. Don’t leave it all piled together. Spread it in a ring with space in the middle. Prevents having cold patches and uneven warming!”

According to Yahoo’s Maki Yazawa, the method went through a test to see if it stood up to the truth.

“We put this hack to the test by reheating a generous portion of mac and cheese in the microwave two different ways. First, we microwaved a heaping serving of the cheesy pasta placed in the very center of the plate. As per usual, the center was still close to refrigerator temperature as the exterior cheese started to bubble and burn. Consequently, the pasta underwent a series of 30-second additional microwaving intervals, stirring in between each set, to distribute the heat as best as possible. Not only was this method time-consuming, the mac and cheese leftovers also became extremely dry and tough in certain areas.”

Yazawa continued, “Then we tested the TikTok microwaving hack by evenly distributing a thinner layer of mac and cheese in a ring shape on the perimeter of a larger dinner plate to create as much surface area as possible. The result was a much more evenly warmed pasta dish that didn’t require multiple trips back into the microwave to reach an ideal feasting temperature. The mac and cheese were thoroughly warmed up and required minimal fussing to reheat.”

TikTok users shared dozens of responses to the cooking tip.

“Oh my God, this makes so much sense.”

Some people offered their own tweaks to help improve microwaving even more.

“And sprinkle water on it!” one person suggested. “Makes all leftovers better in the microwave.”

Other people were not surprised by the microwaving tip.

“Doesn’t everyone know this? I mean, if you just use the microwave a couple of times, you figure it out. Or not, I guess.”

One person replied, “Probably not. Lots of young people on TikTok.”

Will this tip help you in the kitchen?

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