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I Never Knew Scallops Could Swim Until I Saw This Video

When we order scallops at a restaurant, we see a circular white bit of meat. These delectable shellfish cost a pretty penny, but they’re loaded with nutrients and great taste. Although scallops are something we are familiar with at restaurants and fresh fish markets, they’re not something we often see in the wild – that’s why this video has the internet on the edge of its seat.

In the video below, which was captured on a GoPro camera, you’ll get to see a scallop in action. Diver Jules Casey happened to come across the shellfish during an outing. You’ll see that the tasty mollusk is very fast because it uses its speed as a defense measure to avoid predators.

When Jules shared the video on social media, people were delighted to see the mollusk move with such speed. But Jules didn’t just post the video and leave viewers with that. The freediver also described how the mollusk has many eyes, which helps it detect threats and get out of the way as fast as possible.

The GoPro video of the diver’s underwater excursion along Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula off the coast of Australia attracted more than 60,000 shares and some 500 comments since it went live. And with numbers like that, you can imagine how many views this clip earned – a lot.

The video clip featured a compilation of other clips showing the mollusk moving with surprising speed. During the dive, Jules was shocked to see scallops moving as fast as they did. She told Daily Mail that they shocked her as much as they have shocked tens of thousands of people across the globe since she uploaded the clip.

“I’ve only seen it a few times. Normally, they just close their shell tight when I try to photograph them,” the diver told the news source.

She added, “But I had no idea that scallops could swim like this until I went to film one. It got up and swam away. I thought it was hilarious.”

Viewers agree. People love watching the scallop flying through the water at top speed to escape the freediver.

Because many people have never seen a video – or photograph even – of a living scallop, Jules Casey’s clip went viral for its hilarity and educational value.

People like you shared their comments in droves.

One person wrote, “Have never seen a live scallop!”

“They actually do that?!” another person wrote.

Jules used her expertise to respond to each comment. She is very passionate about undersea life and wanted to share her wisdom with her followers and people who were curious.

“How do they know when it’s time to pack up and move?” one person asked the diver.

“They have eyes,” Jules responded matter-of-factly.

Another person shared, “It’s just like a pair of dentures snapping along the seafloor.”

“When my two brain cells decide to do something,” another person joked.

According to animals Network, “scallops move via jet propulsion, and are capable of swimming very quickly in short bursts.”

What do you make of this video?

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