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I Never Realized How Messed Up The Cartoons We Watched As Kids Really Were

If you grew up in the eighties there is a good chance you spent your Saturday morning in front of the television watching the Cartoon Network. Back then, cartoons were only offered on Saturdays so you had to watch if you wanted to get your weekly dose of hilarious animation. Nowadays, cartoons can be downloaded or watched on Netflix any day of the week.

When you really think about the cartoons we watched as kids, the plots were a bit concerning and they didn’t always do a great job at setting an example for youngsters.  Here are seven cartoon moments that were pretty messed up…

Heffer goes to “Heck.” While the cartoon, “Rocko’s Modern Life,” was filled with inappropriate moments, one that really stands out is when Heffer got sent to “heck” as part of an eternal punishment. Not really the kind of thing that gets you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, is it?

The gang on Tiny Toon Adventures were always up to no good, but do you remember when they went on a drunken adventure? In this one particular episode, Bugs, Daffy, and Porky share a beer and get so inebriated that they steal a and crash a police car and they end up dying. Evidently, it was supposed to be a part of a PSA announcement, however; it ended up coming across as pretty irresponsible and it was ultimately taken off the air.

Spongebob Squarepants was a pretty bizarre cartoon to begin with but it was especially odd when Spongebob helps Mr. Krabbs hide the body of health inspector that he killed. As if that wasn’t weird enough, at the end of the of the episode, the health inspector wakes up and the three of them laugh together.

Doug was a fairly peaceful show until Doug himself had dangerous daydreams. Once he got on a dangerous horse and another time he drove his bike into traffic. Normally daydreams are saved for happy adventures.

On the cartoon Calliou, little Calliou has a reputation for being a whiny brat and evidently, there is a reason for this. Some think that he has cancer, which would explain why he has no hair and his parents never discipline him.

The Flinstones was a well-loved cartoon, starring Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble, but Fred wasn’t great about treating his body right and setting an example for youngsters considering he was a heavy smoker on the show. Evidently, Winston cigarette was a sponsor of the show, which explains the racy plot addition, but once word got out that smoking was bad, Fred was forced to quit on the show.

The cartoon Pokemon turned out to be a health hazard when 700 kids had seizures as a result of flashing lights shooting across the screen after Pikachu shot missiles. As a result, they cut out the Porygon, and they never aired that episode again.

The old school cartoons certainly make today’s cartoons seem vanilla. Do you think today’s cartoons are better or worse for our children to watch?