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I Used To Buy This Winter Treat At The Store, Until I Learned How Easy It Is To Make At Home

The winter season has many reaching for a warm beverage to stay cozy and warm. There is one one treat that is a universal favorite: hot chocolate. It turns out there’s an easy way to make this fan favorite at home and it’s so much more satisfying than ripping open a packet of cocoa mix. Those packets might be convenient, but are lacking in the rich chocolately flavor that this recipe delivers.

This recipe is courtesy of Sarah Carey of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food and is beyond easy to pull together. There are only three ingredients and you can make a bulk batch of the hot chocolate mix and have it on hand to stir into milk, so it becomes every bit as convenient as those packets!

This mix can also be put into a mason jar and tied with a beautiful ribbon to become the best kind of gift to give — homemade and absolutely delicious.

Sarah explains the specifics in the video, with it taking mere minutes to combine the three ingredients, store in a canister, and scoop out as needed during the cold days of winter.

3 1/2 cups sugar
2 1/4 cups cocoa
1 tablespoon table salt

There is a slight trick to getting the very best results in this hot chocolate mix — and that’s to sift the cocoa powder to remove any lumps. It might take an extra minute to do this, but it’s more than worth it.

Combine all the ingredients, whisking to combine well and store in an airtight container.
Additionally, you can take this hot cocoa mix and switch it up, adding instant espresso to make mocha hot chocolate or adding cinnamon for a Mexican hot chocolate.

Once you have your homemade mix on hand, it’s easy enough to add to milk for the most delicious cup of hot chocolate. The recipe explains: “For individual servings, pour 1 cup whole milk into a microwave-safe mug, and microwave on high just until hot. Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa mix, and stir to dissolve.”

Additionally, you can make a larger amount for multiple cups, as the website explains: “For a larger batch of cocoa, warm the milk in a saucepan set over medium-low heat, taking care not to let the milk boil; as it warms, stir in 2 tablespoons of mix for each cup of milk.”

The recipe makes 5 3/4 cups dry mix or 92 eight-ounce servings, according to the recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

Among those who left comments on the recipe were those who tried the recipe and loved it. One commenter noted: “My son and I wanted hot chocolate but only had one packet left. I went on the internet to find a homemade recipe and this one popped up. Disaster averted! It’s delicious! Better than store-bought, and it mixes in better with milk because it doesn’t have all the fake ingredients. This also has to be much cheaper, as it makes quite a bit. I add a few peppermint Hershey kisses to the mug. My favorite winter treat.”

Another commenter explained how to make this into a single serving recipe, sharing: “I just changed the measurements from cups to tablespoons. 3T sugar, 2T cocoa and a pinch of salt. I used one T per mug’s worth of milk. It was awesome!”

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