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I Used To Throw Away Old Pickle Juice Until I Learned What It Could Do

Pickle juice, for the win! How many times have you discarded pickle juice after eating the contents of a jar? We’ve all done it — after all, nobody drinks pickle juice – but did you know that you should actually be keeping that liquid? There are a number of uses for pickle juice that you probably never even considered, so check out these ideas.

You’ll never throw away that old pickle juice again!

Cures a Hangover: Everyone has their tried and true hangover remedy, but did you know that drinking pickle juice after you’ve had a night out can help stop a hangover in its tracks? Just drink it before you head off to sleep and see if you kick the hangover blues.

Kills Weeds: Vinegar is known to help kill weeds and since pickle juice contains that and salt, you can spray it our pour the juice right onto those pesky weeds without having to buy something chemical to do the job.

Pickling Helper: Naturally, if you’ve got anything you want to pickle, you can just reuse the juice, by adding carrots or other vegetables to the jar and allowing it to brine for a few days.

Recipe Booster: Add a little tang to your deviled eggs recipe by putting a tablespoon of pickle juice into the mashed yolks. It’s even been known to give a little kick to some cocktails and makes an excellent meat marinade.

Stomach Settler: If you’re stomach is a bit “off,” consider a slug of pickle juice to neutralize a sour stomach you might be experiencing from a virus or morning sickness.

Workout Drink: Since pickle juice has electrolytes, you can use it to stay hydrated as a pre- or post-workout drink. There are even bottled workout pickle juice drinks on the market!

Helps Muscle Cramps: Pickle juice contains electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium chloride in the mix, you can fight off a mean cramp… and many athletes swear by it as an effective remedy.

Soothes Sunburns: You might smell a bit pickled, but if you’re suffering from a sunburn, just dab on a small amount of the juice and let the vinegar take some of the sting away. It’s effective at soothing blistering skin as well.

Relieves PMS Symptoms: Most women are happy to have a solution for the cramps that accompany PMS. You can drink ½ cup of pickle juice in the days before your monthly cycle and will feel some relief.

Fights Illnesses: If you’re suffering from a sore throat, you’ll likely benefit from the salt and vinegar in pickle juice. Simply drink a shot or gargle with it.

Soothes Heartburn and Indigestion: If heartburn is plaguing you, sip a bit of pickle juice to restore the balance of your stomach’s pH levels.

Aids in Weight Loss: If your metabolism could use a boost, pickle juice is a great option and so easy to add to your daily diet.

Melts Ice: In the winter months, driveways and sidewalks can get slippery… just pour pickle juice on it. The calcium chloride in pickle brine will melt the ice.

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