I Usually Get These Right, But I Couldn’t Find The Frog In This Photo Until Someone Showed Me : AWM

I Usually Get These Right, But I Couldn’t Find The Frog In This Photo Until Someone Showed Me

Gergely Dudas is no stranger to our humble website. His bunny-based brain teaser went viral when we picked it up and it stumped many of our readers. Now he’s back with an even better test that just might have you pulling your hair out in frustration! He’s better known as Dudolf, and once you start looking at his stuff you won’t want to stop!

His newest brainteaser was just posted to Facebook less than a week ago. It is bright green and absolutely chaotic – much like the rest of his brilliant creations!

Viewers are tasked with finding a small green from amidst an emerald forest of jungle plants and creatures. The green and purple are saturated and gorgeous, but the challenge is really what brings people back to a Dudolf original creation.

“There’s a FROG hiding among the leaves! Can YOU find it?” he wrote in the post.

Only a few of the most detail-oriented people have picked out the frog in the bottom right. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t find it – it’s one of his most difficult creations yet.

The Hungarian artist has created more viral hits than almost any other. His puzzles get shared by thousands the moment he posts them as the puzzle-fiends fight to get their hands on the next dopamine rush.

“Haven’t been able to find it but will go back to it,” said one fan. “Just wanted to say how much I love these keep getting more challenging!”

“oh my gosh… this is the fastest I’ve ever found one, but I thought it would take forever,” commented another. “so cute, so small.”

The viral post has already been shared by 2,844 people and more are sure to come as it spreads like wildfire. Dudolf has over 140,000 fans on his page, but he probably should have more considering how talented he is!


He creates more than just art, he creates a fun, visual way for us to challenge our perception and have fun with each other. You can’t really put a price on that, can you?

Another one of his recent hits challenges his fans to find a lollipop, hidden among tons and tons of tiny, smiling ice cream cones. It’s a happy, silly cartoon but it’s also another brilliant challenge that stumped thousands of people!

With a little determination, you can find the lollipop hiding in the upper right corner. But make sure to give yourself a chance to find it before you spoil yourself with the answer below!

” Took 2 second to find the lollipop but spent 3mins laughing at the horrified 2 cones and the one licking them,” said one commenter.

There are little easter eggs like that hidden across the image so make sure you take your time to find them all! His puzzles are like an I SPY book, where each section of the image could hide something hilarious or bizarre.

These types of puzzles are great for keeping our brains active and making sure that our eyes can still see patterns well. Do you enjoy testing out your brain on puzzles like this?