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I Walk The Same Path Everyday, But After A Huge Storm Something Strange Caught My Eye

Mother Nature is more powerful than we give her credit for, and this story proves the wonders that weather can do. In this case, uncovering a 7,000 year old secret forest that was hidden under the sand in the UK. The secret woodland, now petrified and turned to stone, was discovered after a major storm called the “Beast from the East” hit land and shifted the sands.

There, beneath the surface, were thousands of years old tree stumps and logs that are now easily seen. A good portion of the forest, however, running several miles along the coastline, is not visible.

A lifelong resident of the area, Garry Waugh, The Mirror: “I last saw the forest when I was ten-years-old. That was around 40-years-ago.”

He added: “There was a school trip and we were taken down to see it, I remember being mesmerized.”

Waugh continued: “It’s amazing that this has appeared again. I think it must be because of the weather. The rough seas will have scooped out the sand and the wind will have blown it away.”

How amazing to see something that lies beneath the surface all the time but only makes a rare appearance. The petrified forest was first seen in 1871.

Among the stumps and bones that have been discovered, other old tools were found, indicating that there was civilization in the woods beginning in the late Mesolithic period.

Gazette Live noted that crowds of people have been turning out to have a look at the recently revealed hidden treasure, with the reporter sharing: “Experts believe the forest will originally have formed part of Doggerland, an ancient stretch of sparsely populated land which connected UK to Europe. It existed until 5-6,000 BC, but was then gradually flooded by melting glacial ice and geological activity.”

Dr. Steve Sherlock, from Tees Archaeology, told the site: “It’s from the neolithic period, probably around 4,000 BC, when the tide went much further out and that land was covered in forest. It’s part of an extensive forest formed after the last Ice Age and was last exposed to any great extent in 2013.”

He added: “You can sometimes see evidence of axe marks where the trees have been chopped down, as well as fallen trees and various stumps.”

Dr. Sherlock couldn’t identify how long the forest would be visible, but said that back in 2013, the forest’s appearance lasted for two months. He noted, however, that “It is a spectacular sight to see.”

Many people weighed in with comments on social media, including one person who wrote: “Fascinating that the whole of the north sea was once land linked to continental Europe. Just makes you think how fleeting you are in the history of this planet. And It’s definitely something to see but don’t leave it too late as the tide will change and it will be covered.”

Others shared having seen this forest in the past, with one person writing: “Saw this when I was a child but further out and there were skeletal like trees. Early morn when it was foggy my dad took us to the beach and we raced to see which sibling could find the sea first. We found petrified forest instead. It was amazing.”