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If This Man Walks Up And Asks You For A Date, Run The Other Way ASAP

Women are often wary of men who approach them in public. Unless the guy is a smooth talker, it is unlikely that women will get “picked up” in public and go on a date with a stranger. However, one man nicknamed the “Cupid of Chaos” has a knack for getting women to do what he wants. His real name is Michael Middleton, he is forty-three, and has at least four different wives in four different states.

The Cupid of Chaos has made it his life’s purpose to sham women. Besides the numerous marriages, he had forged his wives’ signatures, including once when he used her to “put their baby up for adoption.” Another wife he scammed out of nearly $20,000.

After a long time, Middleton’s crimes finally caught up with him. He was arrested on numerous charges including fraud and bigamy. He was arrested on Friday after he failed to appear in court.

Middleton was reported to the police when three of his wives found out about each other. However, once his face was plastered all over the local news, a fourth wife came forward. She had a child with the perpetrator. The same woman claims that he forged her signature as a way to put their daughter up for adoption. In other words, he has no shame or moral compass.

Another one of his brides claimed that Middleton had a knack for making her feel “special.” After he stroked her ego and made her feel like she was the only woman for him, he conned her out of $20,000.

Middleton has lost all support from his four homes. His four wives were the ones who were hurt the most during his crime rampage. If he is found to guilty, Middleton faces up to ten years behind bars as well as a $4,000 fine.

Middleton is from Ohio and will spend time behind bars unless he is able to prove his innocence. Given what his four wives are claiming, that seems unlikely.

Cops were the ones who gave Middleton his nickname the “Cupid of Chaos.” He was brought into jail after he skipped a court appearance in New Hampshire where he was accused of bigamy.

Middleton’s wives include Alice Grant of New Hampshire, Katherine Ashley of Georgia, Kassandra Shipley of Alabama, and Ashley Climer.

The first three wives learned about each other’s existence and reported Middleton’s noxious behavior to the police. Climer is only twenty-five-years-old and has a mental disability. They met on Facebook in 2016 and married in Kentucky a month later. For three years, she followed Middleton on the road, living in cockroach-infested motels. Climer was clueless about his other wives and admits that the truth now “disgusts” her. After Middleton impregnated her, she had a baby in 2017. The Cupid of Chaos forged her signature and put the child up for adoption in Missouri last year.

“It hurt me,” she said. “I don’t know how he could say he loved me, and just lie to my face for three years.”

Alice Grant was Middleton’s third wife. He made her “feel special” before he drained her of $20,000 of her “assets.”

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