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If You Are Keeping This In Your Freezer, Take It Back To The Store ASAP

While more and more people are adopting a vegetarian way of life, there is still a majority of people who prefer meat over veggies and choose to eat it for every meal. Because meat is so versatile, it can be eaten or added to every meal and every dish, which makes it amongst the biggest sellers in grocery stores. If you’re like most meat eaters, you enjoy a few sausage links for breakfast.

Jimmy Dean is known for its wide variety of sausage options, from links to patties, and they even offer a turkey sausage version for those who are watching their waistline. Unfortunately, the famous sausage company is under some major scrutiny, thanks to a recent recall.

If you happen to be a sausage lover then you will want to take note that the popular sausage company known for their mouth-watering, microwaveable meats, has voluntarily recalled 29,000 pounds of sausage, that were meant to be used by January 31.

While no one has reported incidents so far, there have been several complaints called into the USDA, as several customers have found bits of metal in the sausage. The complaints started on December 10th and referred to sausage links that were purchased recently. Since then, Jimmy Dean as warned customers to beware of small string-like metal fragments in some packages of poultry and pork sausage that was prepared in August. The packaging that received the complaints were the 23.4-ounce packages of Jimmy Dean HEAT n’ SERVE Original Sausage Links, made with turkey and pork. There were 2,845 cases of the sausage distributed from the Tennessee plant since they were packaged. Both the USDA and Jimmy Dean are urging customers who purchased these links, best used by January 31st, to throw them out immediately.

If consumed, people may end up choking on the metal bits or cutting the inside of their mouths, and in some cases, it could be poisonous to the consumer.

Over 3,000 lives end every year, as a result of contaminated food, and 48 million people get ill. So far this year, there has been contamination in romaine lettuce, cereal, meat, and now sausage, which is why it’s incredibly important to follow instructions when a recall is initiated. After some time, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention deemed that romaine was approved for consumption after a batch of salmonella contamination. Now they are saying that only romaine in California should be avoided.

These recalls have naturally caused some frustration amongst consumers, considering they seem to come in waves. As soon as the romaine was proved to eat, consumers are told that their Jimmy Dean sausage laced with ribbons of metal. Not all that appetizing.

Commenters shared their many different frustrations regarding the metal-laced food products…

“The price of Jimmy Dean’s sausage has gotten ridiculous. This past year has seen price increases whereas it now sells for nearly $5.00 a pound in local grocery stores. Time to move on to another brand.”

One made a good comment about the animals killed for this…

“All those animals killed and wasted. Evil industry.”

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