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If You Call Your Child This Name, You May Want To Think About The Consequences

Parenting is a series of difficult, potentially life-changing decisions. Kids need a lot of love along with a strong hand to guide them in the right direction. Choosing that direction can be the hard part though! When it comes to addressing your kids, many parents decide on a cute, fun nickname. One nickname has developed into a heated online debate, with experts from around the world chiming in.

These experts are discussing whether it is okay to address your kid as, “buddy.” Tons of parents call their kids buddy or pal, but parenting experts like Michele Borba are warning that it could be harmful to their future.

Borba has a section in one of her articles about, “deadly parenting styles,” called “Buddy Parenting.” She claims that parents are trying to be their kid’s friend now more than ever, and it is not okay.

“Right now, they need a parent who sets rules and boundaries and who doesn’t blur the line between buddy and adult. Besides, the truth is our inability to turn our kids down isn’t helping our kids grow to be secure, responsible, resilient, and compassionate,” she wrote.

Without these boundaries, kids can grow up to become reckless, dangerous, and bad at making decisions, she claims.

“It is creating what most adults believe is the most spoiled and ill-behaved generation ever.”

Being a parent can take up a lot of time and often friendships are left at the wayside. Some experts claim that these parents try to “buddy up” with their kids to try and fill that void in their lives. This is definitely not the healthiest way to deal with the issue, considering your kids need a parent – not a friend.

Parents everywhere continue to call their kids buddy, pal, princess, etc. despite what experts like Borba have to say. For some, it’s simply an endearing way to address their beloved child. For others, it seems to be a way to give their kids everything that they want, and that’s not healthy for anyone involved.

Some online writers have come out in defense of using buddy to refer to their children. According to one writer, it was actually one of his favorite parts of childhood.

“Of all the nicknames my dad gave me growing up, none of them meant something to me quite like, “Buddy,” Blake Harper wrote on Fatherly.com. “So please, increase the number of buddies out there, which I’m sure you were going to do regardless of whether or not a stranger on the internet gave you permission.”

Parents will do what they do, no matter what all these experts say. In the era of online media, any thought or opinion you could possibly have will be validated by some article on the web. It’s just a matter of finding it. This has made intelligent discourse difficult because everyone thinks that their opinion is validated simply by existing online when that clearly isn’t the case.

What do you think about parents calling their kids buddy, pal, or princess type nicknames? Share in the comments!

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