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If You Can Figure Out The Fastest Way To The Airport, You’re Smarter Than 90% Of Americans

Brainteasers have been around for a long time. The oldest one ever found dated back to 2500 B.C. and was uncovered in the form of a Sumerian cuneiform tablet. These ancient brainteasers included a riddle, which is now hailed as the oldest brainteaser ever found on Earth. In the more than 3,500 years since that first brainteaser was created, people have been perfecting them and improving upon them – and now they can be quite challenging.

A new brainteaser, which was originated by a British company, has people across the world stumped. Although the task is very simple – you have to find the shortest route to the airport in the image – people are struggling to get the answer. And it makes sense. When you take a closer look at this complicated brainteaser, you’ll see why it takes the whole brain to get the solution.

There are five possible routes that you can take to find the airport. Luck might be on your side, but in all likelihood, you’re going to have to work hard to figure this one out. On average people need to try multiple routes before they find the one that works. That means it takes them an average of sixteen seconds to get to the solution.

Holiday Extras is the U.K. company that created brainteaser, and now they’re reaping the benefits of putting a challenge out to the public that people absolutely love.

The average time for contestants remains to be beaten. People are fighting to beat the 16-second average. However, if you do it your own way, you should be able to push, push, and get to the answer quicker than the average person does. But you’ve got to work for it. You’ve got to focus. You’ve got to be ready to beat the average.

Because this brainteaser comes from a holiday travel company, they want you to consider getting hotels from them. That’s why they created this puzzle with a hidden message to get people to spend more and take longer vacations so they can face less stress while they travel.

According to Daily Mail, there’s a hint: “Extending your holiday by an extra day, perhaps by checking into a hotel, can definitely make for a smoother start to your vacation” or return from your vacation.

Take a closer look at the puzzle and try to figure out which path takes you to the hotel. That’s where this travel company wants you to go, so use that to your advantage and take that route.

The correct route is route D. That means that D is the fastest way to get to the airport in this puzzle. It’s the one where you get to visit the hotel before boarding the flight.

According to a survey done by the company, 74 percent of British people rely on themselves to get to the airport for a flight. They don’t rely on public transit or other people.

When you travel, do you book hotels before and after a vacation to make it easy to get to your flight? Or do you just hope for the best?

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