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If You Can Get All The Questions Right On This Quiz, Experts Say Your IQ Is Off The Charts

It can be fun to see how our intelligence compares to the masses. That’s one of the reasons shows like Jeopardy! are so popular. People love to accumulate general knowledge and then put their memory and critical-thinking skills to the test. My wife and I are loyal Jeopardy! viewers. And we love to challenge ourselves to figure out the clues to come up with the answer.

Now a general knowledge test is circulating the internet that reveals how much you paid attention to your teachers when you were in school. And if you manage to pass this test, experts say you are blessed “with a high IQ.” Why? They say that only high IQ people “will pass” this general knowledge test. Do you have what it takes to pass? Do your friends? It’s time to find out.

The quiz is the latest from Playbuzz user Cody Cross. And while he might not be a scientific expert, his exam is challenging. Those with IQs higher than 154 will be able to pass while those with lower IQs will probably struggle and not get through to the end. At least not with flying colors.

The questions range from numerous categories. If you paid attention in life, then you stand a good chance to pass. Or if you were blessed with high intelligence, then you should be able to stand above the masses and flaunt your success on this quiz.

The quiz pulls information from ancient history, the Bible, the life of Jesus Christ, and other influential topics. You’ll need to have a grasp of world geography and modern American history. You will also need to know facts about Islam, World War I, and the moon landing. Do you think you have what it takes?

While the quiz was initially published on Playbuzz, it was picked up by Daily Mail and shared on their site. Hundreds of people took the test. The response was mixed. Some people found it to be exceptionally difficult. Others thought it was easy.

One user was insulted by the claim that only intelligent people can pass this test. And he also had an ax to grind.

“If this is a test for the ‘high’ IQed, I’d hate to see a test for idiots! A competent 3rd-grader should be able to ace this silly thing… Is this a test for TV-watchers, snowflakes and the propagandized who are plugged-in to mass-media pop culture?”

The IQ test has been a survey of general intelligence for some time. About 68 percent of people have an IQ score between 85 and 115. And only about 2.1 percent of people get a score over 130.

Fourteen percent of people have scores between 115 and 130. So if this test has any indication of someone’s IQ, then it reveals a small percentage of people with incredible intelligence.

Take the quiz and see how you do. Then share it with a friend and challenge them. It’s time to once and for all see who has the higher IQ.

Here are the answers:

1. Birth
2. Thames
3. Africa
4. Carrot
5. 1945
6. March
7. Carpenter
8. Spanish
9. Revenge
10. Sanskrit
11. 25-30 years
12. Neil Armstrong
13. Christianity
14. 1918

How did you do on the test? Did you get many answers correct?