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If You Can See All The Q’s Hidden In This Picture On Your First Try, You Are In The Top 1%

Every once in a while, it is fun to challenge our skills and see where we measure up against others. Tests and quizzes like that give us a chance to step out of our boring lives and look at what we can do from a broader perspective. Because many people are unable to solve the problem included below, if you can get it on your first try you’re in the top one percent of participants, which is something to celebrate.

The quiz below has a simple premise. You need to count the correct number of Q’s in the image below. The Q’s are hidden within a sea of O’s, so it is not easy to distinguish them from the others. This is not the kind of quiz one should rush because rushing will only make you miss some of the Q’s among the O’s.

As you scroll through line after line of O’s, make a note about how many Q’s you find. You might want to count them on your fingers or create a tally, so you don’t lose count. If keeping track in your head distracts you from focusing on the task at hand, it would be best to keep count on paper or your fingers.

Challenge yourself right now. Go through this line-by-line and count the letters that do not belong. How many did you get?

Many people come up with different answers. Some find just one Q, others find four, while some outliers count as many as ten Q’s among the sea of O’s on that purple background.

Fact: The purple background makes it harder to read the letters. This adds to the challenge. When you have a darker background and lighter text characters, legibility goes down. While that is not a good call if you are creating a website or some other type of digital content, for a quiz that wants to increase the difficulty of your reading it makes perfect sense.

So what’s the correct answer? There are six Q’s among the O’s. If you counted six, congratulations! You are among the top one percent of people who completed this quiz.

Here are the Q’s highlighted so you can see which one you missed if you missed any.

Puzzles like this are fun, but they can also be good for you. What are some benefits of doing puzzles like this every so often?

Firstly, they keep your mind sharp. When we focus on a task with intention, our brains are put to work. Think about puzzles like this as well as crosswords and Sudokus as weightlifting for your brain.

Another benefit of doing these puzzles is that you can engage your friends. After you’ve completed it and gotten it either right or wrong, you should share it with people through email or social media and ask them if they can solve it. That way you’re both getting the mental benefit and a social benefit from the puzzle.

Did you find all the Q’s among the formation of O’s? Or did you miss one?

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