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If You Can Spot The Bunny In This Picture You Have A Higher IQ Than Most

All across the internet, you can find puzzles and games that test your intelligence and frustrate even the smartest of people. Now that Easter is upon us, it’s time for a new kind of puzzle – an image search for a tiny bunny in the middle of a colorful Easter-themed image that you are sure to enjoy. At least until you realize how difficult it is to find the answer!

While these days Easter is mostly celebrated with candy, baskets and bunnies, the origins of the holiday are an important part of the Christian faith. But it is a happy day as well, and celebrating with eggs and fun is a great way to get the kids involved in a religious holiday.

According to the creator of this colorful puzzle, women have an easier time finding the answer than men. It is a true test of both your vision and intelligence, and it’s pretty fun too with the pastel colors and happy design. It is jam-packed with easter eggs, flowers and butterflies, making it difficult to spot the elusive rabbit hiding inside.

“Bunny? looks more like an octopus,” Michael from London commented on the Daily Mail article. Once you find the bunny yourself, let us know if you agree with his assessment.

The average time it takes for someone to solve this particular puzzle is 45 seconds, so aim to beat that and you will know for sure that you are in the upper echelon of intelligent people. If you have a hard time finding it in the limited amount of time, don’t feel too bad – there are plenty more to test out your brain on below!

This next puzzle was created by a famous Hungarian cartoonist named Gergely Dudas, but he is better known by his preferred name Dudolf. If you enjoy this puzzle, make sure to check out his other work as well. This one is a bit more difficult than the last, so try to find the yellow bee flying around the flowers in under a minute. His fans went nuts with the puzzle and clearly had a difficult time finding the bee – let us know how long it took you in the comments!

You may remember Dudolf from his other hidden puzzle work, the most famous of which was featured on our site last year. The image showed a panda hidden in between several rows of snowmen and proved to be incredibly difficult for almost anyone who came across it. While he used to enjoy making more complicated comics, the amazing response to his hidden puzzles have led him to create new ones for almost every single holiday.

Did you find the bunny? If not, here is the answer:

These puzzles tend to be aimed at kids but are clearly enjoyable by a wide range of people. They are difficult enough to be fun for even the most avid puzzle-solvers, so let us know what you think of these challenging images in the comments. Happy hunting!