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If You Can Spot The Tree That Has A Star On Top In 31 Seconds, You’ll Break The Record

Putting up Christmas decorations and filling your house with cheer takes some time and effort, so this puzzle should be pretty familiar to you. Like many puzzles before it, the person trying to solve the puzzle needs to find one specific thing out of a field filled with distractions. In this case, the search is for a Christmas tree with a golden star at the top. There are over 150 trees in this image, and yet only one holds the ultimate surprise! Victory will not be easy, but it’ll be all the sweeter for the effort needed to reach it.

Some of you might be puzzle experts and able to solve it in seconds flat, but please don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Half the fun is working your way though, not simply cheating to find the answer! At least for people with a speck of dignity, that is.

This isn’t the only puzzle going viral early this holiday season either! Shoppers have discovered another puzzle featuring a bevy of tablets and gadgets. The challenge, in this case, is to find the shopping bag hidden within the field of high-tech devices, and it’s easily just as difficult as the first.

These challenges have been going viral for centuries, well-before the internet made it easier than ever to share them. Newspapers and books used to fill the shelves with optical illusions and puzzles, set up and ready to solve for a dedicated puzzler. Now we tend to find them online, but the principle remains the same.

There are a few reasons these puzzles are so popular. First of all, people like to feel smart – especially smarter than other people. These garner thousands of shares from people trying to ensure their family and friends that they solved this puzzle quickly and easily. In turn, these family and friends try to solve the puzzle even quicker and share their success, leading to a ton of engagement and reach.

The biggest question remains – how long did these puzzles take you to solve. Strong solvers will probably find them rather easy in comparison to some of the more difficult examples in the past, but we assure you that these are no joke. There is certainly a degree of observational skill involved in finding these specific elements, and it feels good to finally figure it out after a long struggle.

“Circle round it, picture-enlarged, reading glasses on – still cannot see it…” says oldmikeĀ from London.

Can you solve this fun Christmas puzzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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