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If You Ever Get A Small Cut During A Manicure, Go See A Doctor Or Else It Could Look Like This

Most women love to get pampered at the salon and spa, which is why the nail industry is booming these days and customers and nail technicians build a great rapport with one another. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a nail technician who is properly trained, you may end up in a lot of pain and as one woman found out, it could leave you with a major infection.

Maria Luisa Gerardo was a regular at her TJ Nails in Phoenix, Arizona, but after receiving manicures there for over a decade, something life-changing happened to her as the result of one tiny mistake made by her nail technician.

When Gerardo was getting her regular manicure at the nail salon she knew so well, the manicurist accidentally clipped the skin surrounding her nail. While this didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, Gerardo noticed her finger starting to swell after she left the salon. Concerned about how much it had swelled, she went back to the salon the following day to show them and in return, the technician offered her $100. Her technician, Bill, told her that it was nothing and told her that it would go away if she cleaned it and put some medicine on it. She went to Urgent Care, where they prescribed her antibiotics and sent her home.

Bill was wrong, and the cut turned into something that would be far more catastrophic.

After Gerardo and her son Victor spoke with the local news station, the news crew went to TJ Nails to talk to Bill, but his co-workers informed them that he moved out of the state. They eventually tracked him down by phone and he denied cutting the skin around her nail.

As Gerardo waits to find out if she will have to get her finger amputated, she and her son are taking action and they are in the middle of pursuing a lawsuit against the nail salon.

Maria’s son Victor spoke about the tragic situation saying it’s, ‘Pretty excruciating to see. I don’t like to see my mom in pain.The doctor cleaned as much as he could to try and salvage the finger. He told me he kept cutting and cutting the tissue around her finger until it bled because that was the good skin. I have to give two types of antibiotics to her through a PICC line. We have to go back to the surgeon tomorrow to see what the next step will be and if she has to have another surgery.”

As Gerardo faces the unknown, she is devastated to have to give up her trips to the nail salon because it is the only thing that she enjoyed doing for herself.

“But now, with this that happened to my hand, I never want to do this in my life,” she said.

Commenters shared their own experiences with nail salons…

“I stopped going years ago. I just do mine at home. It’s much cleaner and safer.”

“Depends where you go, just stay away from the chop chops and the folks that run them. Look for a nice day spa instead.”