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If You Ever Get Bit By This Weird Bug, You’ll Never Be Able To Eat Meat Again

When a mother of two from Long Island got bitten by a tick, she didn’t think much about it. However, the tick that bit Janine Baumiller had a peculiar white spot on it, and it ended up changing her life. Because Baumiller always loved to eat steak and burgers, she was shocked when she suddenly became allergic to the foods she loved so much.

The tick bite changed everything for the mother. After it sunk its teeth into her skin and sucked at her blood, Baumiller developed an allergy to meat. She first learned about this affliction when she ate meat for dinner one night. Hours later, she broke out in itchy, red hives, which spread across her entire body.

The allergic reaction affected every inch of her body, including her palms and the bottoms of her feet. When the rash made it to the tops of her thighs, she had to admit that the sensation was unbearable. It was painful and itchy. She didn’t want to be stuck with that forever, so she rushed over to the emergency room for a checkup.

Baumiller would never have guessed it, but she had suddenly developed an allergy to red meat. She loved eating burgers and steaks but now had become allergic to the “good stuff” all because of an unsuspecting tick bite.

While Baumiller’s family planned to continue eating burgers and red meat, she would have to adjust her diet dramatically. She was used to eating red meat multiple times per week. She wasn’t prepared to have to cut it out of her diet because of a sudden change like that.

When she finally learned the culprit of her newfound allergy, she was shocked. She would never have assumed it was a tick that caused her to develop the allergy to red meat. But now that she knew the truth, she could not believe it. It was a remarkable fact.

Because of this tick, thousands of people have developed allergies to red meat. And Baumiller is just one of them.

In the interview below from Inside Edition, you’ll hear how her life was turned upside down. Her family still chows down on cow, making her suffer as she is forced to watch their delight. But the reason for her newfound allergic reaction makes it impossible for her to sink her teeth into any type of red meat regardless of whether the doneness is rare or well-done.

The tick that ruined her life is called the Lone Star Tick.

“People take a bit of a burger and feel fine until hours later, and they start having the allergic reaction,” said allergy expert Dr. Erin McGintee.

Because the Lone Star Tick haunts people’s home, McGintee said: “It often happens in the middle of the night for people, which is extra scary.”

If a Lone Star Tick bites you, you’re at risk of developing an allergic reaction to red meat. These ticks are native to the southeast of the United States but have been making their way up the East Coast.

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