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If You Ever Make Cake From A Box, These Simple Recipe Changes Make All The Difference

Just because a cake comes in a box does not mean it cannot taste like it is homemade. My wife does it all the time. She transforms a $1 cake box mix into a delicious dessert by adding a few ingredients. The bones of the cake box mix are not inherently bad. And you just need to amp them up a bit to transform the taste of the finished product. A few simple tricks that we’re about to go through can help you take your cake game to a whole new level. And after you’re done, no one at your party will be able to tell that the cake came from a box. We promise.

Use the following ingredients in your recipe to transform a box cake from blah to breathtaking.

Sour cream

If you are doubtful about this one, I don’t blame you. “Sour cream goes on tacos and burritos and not cake,” you might be thinking. But trust me on this one. Just two dollops of sour cream added to your cake batter will transform the taste. You’ll get a moister cake. Plus, it will not add any sourness to the flavor of the finished product. So don’t worry. The birthday boy or girl will have no idea that they’re eating sour cream.

Whole milk

While most cake box recipes call for water, add whole milk instead. This simple substitution can transform the quality of the desserts. It’s a little-known trick that more people should try because it makes a huge difference without any effort.


You’re probably gagging. But listen. Mayonnaise adds moisture and depth to your cake batter. And if you’re eager for someone to ask you for your “secret ingredient” that makes cakes taste just so darn good, many people rely on mayo. The easy way to use mayo is to substitute it for the requested oil in the cake box recipe.


Instant coffee brings out chocolate flavors like nobody’s business. This added ingredient will intensify the taste of the chocolate and give it so much depth you’ll be handing out second and third slices to your loved ones.


Next time you buy a cake mix buy an instant pudding pack with the same flavor as the cake. Just follow the instructions on the cake box (substituting whole milk for water) and then mix the pudding into the batter. The result will be delectable and creamy. My mouth is watering right now as I reveal this baking trick to you.


This one might seem obvious, but it is crazy how many people skip the butter and go for the cooking oil just because the recipe asks for it. Give your cake the creamy texture of butter instead. It’ll taste like you made it from hand. You don’t have to tell them it came from a box.

Fresh lemon

Making a yellow cake? Squeeze half a lemon into the mixture and then add two tablespoons of lemon zest. Wow. This will give your cake a kick that is so fresh and flavorful. You’ll fall in love.

Do you have any tips and tricks to make your cakes better?