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If You Have This Vegetable In Your Fridge, Throw It Out Before You Get Sick

Vegetables are an important addition to any diet, but you may want to take an inventory of what types you currently have in your fridge. The CDC recently put out a warning to all American consumers regarding recent purchases of romaine lettuce – and you are going to want to pay attention to this one, because it involves E. Coli.

According to the CDC, Escherichia coli, or E. coli are bacteria “found in the environment, foods and intestines of people and animals.” While some strains of E. Coli are virtually harmless, others can cause serious damage to various bodily systems.

E. Coli also causes different effects depending on the strain. These can include diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, pneumonia and a variety of other illnesses.

On April 20, they posted a new warning online regarding romaine lettuce that was recently purchased. The warning was expanded to, “cover all types of romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona growing region.”

While the warning specifically discusses California as the most likely location for finding contaminated lettuce, the same place where it was discovered actually supplies lettuce across the country.

In response to the discovery of E. coli in these sources of lettuce, they recommend that everyone throws away any form of romaine lettuce they have purchased in the past few weeks.

“Unless the source of the product is known, consumer anywhere in the United States who have any store-bought romaine lettuce at home should not eat it and should throw it away,” the CDC states.

In addition to chopped lettuce, salads and salad mixes, the warning specifically states that entire heads of romaine lettuce could be contaminated as well.

“Product labels often do not identify growing regions, so throw out any romaine lettuce if you’re uncertain about where it was grown,” the warning continues.

This particular E. coli outbreak has now affected 53 people so far, but none have resulted in deaths yet. Still, it has put 31 of those people into the hospital and caused kidney failure in 5 of them. This is a serious outbreak that will continue to strike unless everyone throws out any romaine lettuce currently in their fridge.

Everyone needs to see this warning to ensure that they remain safe from E. coli now and in the near future. It can be incredibly dangerous and is easy to contract if you aren’t careful. Lettuce isn’t worth risking your life over, so do a clean sweep of your fridge and throw it out right now!

The warning is not just for consumers either, but for businesses and retailers as well. For the near future, it may be better to avoid eating salads at a restaurant unless they can guarantee that the lettuce did not come from the Yuma, Arizona region. While it may seem a little excessive, it is the only way to truly prevent further E. coli infections in unlucky Americans.

Share this warning with your friends and family to ensure that nobody gets this horrible infection in the near future. While some may not listen, you could save someone’s life.