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If You Keep Sandwich Bags In Your House, One Family Wants You To Hear Their Dire Warning

Pets are valued members of the family. People include them on their vacations, buy Christmas presents for them, and some people even throw their pets birthday parties. Pets and children grow up together and are included in the family portraits that are taken on a yearly basis. Just like with other members of the family, the health of our pets is well maintained as well.

Many people take their pets for a yearly checkup with their local veterinarian, just like any other member of the family. Pets are given medications for chronic conditions and are fed special diets in order to manage their diet and nutrition. Just like people, pets also die of old age and tragedy.

Recently, a pets’ death was shared with the world, on Facebook, so that other people could learn from the tragic death of the family dog. A Facebook user wanted to share her story so that other pet owners could avoid experiencing the same situation that she did. Her partner came home one day to find that the family dog had died in the kitchen.

The dog had suffocated in the kitchen after having a plastic snack bag stuck on his face. The dog had gotten a hold of the bag with the intent of eating the contents. After he had finished, he was unable to get the bag off his face and he suffocated. And this sparked the user to share her story.

Like with many tragic events, they spark awareness and education so that other people can avoid similar situations and horrible consequences. The user wrote on her Facebook page saying, “I feel we have an obligation to share what happened to Petey to hopefully prevent it from happening to any of your babies.” It is unfortunate that this happened, but her hope is that she can make people aware of the dangers, and possibilities, of pet suffocation.

This may also spawn people becoming aware of other things throughout their home that may be dangerous for their animals. Foods such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and even grapes are dangerous for dogs to consume. They have adverse effects on their bodies because of how different they are from human bodies. Cleaning products and detergents are just as dangerous for your pets as they are for adults and children to ingest as well.

Dogs, in particular, are determined animals when they are trying to get something that they want. “We just don’t realize how determined our pets are to eat the things they shouldn’t,” said Tina Wismer, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. It isn’t well known why dogs go after these things, but we need to be aware that they do go after them.

Just like children, dogs do not always know better and they need to be protected. Making sure to put plastic bags and other things that can harm them well out of reach. We want to protect our pets so that they can live long, healthy lives making memories with the family.