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If You See Bananas Packaged Like This In Your Grocery Store, This Is The Reason Why

There’s a reason bananas are the most popular fruit in the United States. They are delicious and hearty. You can snack on a banana and feel full afterward. That’s not the same for an apple usually. And they are also sweet enough to make any sweet-tooth happy to have that satisfied. And while the reasons people have for eating bananas are numerous, there is really only one reason your grocery store has bananas packaged in this way.

In South Korea, grocery chain E-Mart uses “one-a-day” packs to keep their bananas fresh. And this could be the end of prematurely browning bananas forever. Because fruit comes into the grocery store at varying stages of ripeness, E-Mart wants to ensure the customer gets a fresh fruit every time they shop for bananas.

Some people think the idea is ingenious. It prevents all the bananas from getting brown on the same day. Others accuse the Korean grocery chain as wasting too much plastic. And while they have a point, freshness is king when it comes to the produce department at the grocery store.

One Twitter user shared the following comment about the banana-packing strategy.

“Genius at work. E-mart in Korea is now selling the “One a Day Banana” pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days.”

It does make sense. Because the green bananas will last longer than the dark yellow ones, it makes sense why this store would pack it this way. And it doesn’t seem to waste more plastic than other methods that are already commonly in use in the United States. The primary difference is that the grocery store is willing to put in the human effort of sorting the bananas and packaging them up.

Some critics suggested the astute customers should just pick bananas at varying degrees of ripeness instead of relying on the staff person to do it for them. But in a world where our personal time keeps getting shorter and shorter, a small thing like this could make a big difference. Shave off a few seconds in the grocery store, and you get a few more minutes at home to enjoy with your children and spouse.

Scott Ramsay hates the idea: “You know you can select bananas for ripeness yourself without the extra packaging and the intermediary doing a whole lot of handling, pushing up prices.”

Adam Dill agreed: “That’s a horrible idea. Bananas naturally come in great packaging but instead lets cut some up and put them in a bunch of oil-based single-use plastic shell. Why not just buy a couple of varying ripeness at the store?”

E-mart in Korea has been trying to innovate in the produce department for years. In November, Daum announced that they launched “Eating Coconut.” They introduced a machine into their stores that would punch a hole through the hard shell of the coconut so people could drink the milk from a straw.

What do you think about this banana package idea to keep them fresh?