If You See Someone Carrying This Coin, Drop What You’re Doing And Immediately Salute : AWM

If You See Someone Carrying This Coin, Drop What You’re Doing And Immediately Salute

A challenge coin from the veteran-owned company Ranger Industries LLC celebrates the military in a truly unique way. The company started in the 1980s with a Ranger battalion patch and grew from there with other patches, coins, and pins for anniversaries and special achievements. Gene Frink, who founded the company and is himself a B Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Infantry veteran, explained how the company got its start, telling Military Times: “In 1981, I designed a patch for my Ranger unit. Gave it to guys in the unit, and they loved it… so I launched what eventually became this company.”

The idea for coins also grew in scope from some very small beginnings to impressive customers, as Frink explained: “I started designing coins for battalion commanders in other units on Fort Lewis and it just kind of grew.” He added: “Over the years, I’ve done coin designs for presidents of the United States, and I’ve done many commanding general coins.”

Former President George W. Bush is a notable owner of a coin he commissioned following a commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Frink added: “Also, we’ve done coins for Gen. [George] Casey and Gen. [David] Petraeus when they were Multi-National Force commanders.”

The scope of the company’s offerings goes well beyond coins, as Army veteran and sales manager Russ Wilson explained: “You’re literally only limited by your imagination. That’s something unique that no one else has to offer, and that’s because Ranger Industries pushes the boundaries.”

Wilson added: “We don’t just want to make ‘a coin,’ we want to push the envelope and make something unique.”

Frink further explains on the company’s website: “If you are looking for a way to recognize people in your organization… or to say thank you to an outside associate, vendor or V.I.P., consider taking a page from the long standing military tradition of using challenge coins. But in this case, your custom coin can have your logo or seal on one side and your message or whatever you decide on the back and you can hand it to your recipient with confidence and pride.”

Among the many products that Ranger Industries offers, their popular challenge coins are available in a range of sizes, shapes, finishes and colors, described as follows on their website: “Originating as a military tradition, the challenge coin has been recognized as a great way to carry and declare your membership for your chosen profession, organization, institution, group, unit or branch. A great leader earns the trust of those placed under his or her command, so that when a difficult order is given there is no hesitation in carrying out one’s duty.”

The product description adds: “This heavy burden of responsibility over literal life and death circumstances requires the best qualities of leadership to inspire and reassure; qualities epitomized by those entrusted with America’s military command positions. When a CO or NCO awards someone under their command a personalized challenge coin, they are given a physical statement of direct connection to their leaders.”

The company also offer pendants, badges, patches, lapel pins, as well as display and presentation options.