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If You See This Girl, Call 911 Immediately

On Tuesday morning April 2, 2019, Kentucky was rocked when every person within miles received the Amber Alert for 16-year-old Lauryn Sizemore. The teen was last seen at midnight on Saturday while at her friend’s home in Dawson Springs. Ever since then, police have been hunting for the missing teen, but when she did not show up, they decided it was necessary to get the entire state on high alert, so the Amber Alert went out.

Dawson is suspected to be with her step-grandfather. The man’s name is Glenn Harper. He’s said to be about 56-years-old and behind the wheel of a maroon 2004 Hyundai Sonata four-door sedan. His car has a temporary license plate number of 9555994, according to WRDW.

It is unclear what her step-grandfather has planned with the 16-year-old. But it can’t be good. Harper bragged to a friend that he was going to take a “trip” to Texas. But that could have nothing to do with the 16-year-old he might have in tow. Harper’s brother and father live in the Houston area, so he could just be paying them a visit. But if he has the 16-year-old step-granddaughter with him, is he planning something cruel and unusual? Or is this just some massive misunderstanding? The details are unknown at this time – that’s why the Dawson Springs police department is desperate for your help. They’ve published their phone number, 270-797-2277 so you can call if you have any clue where Sizemore or her step-grandfather could be.


There was a major update in the Amber Alert case for missing 16-year-old Lauryn Sizemore the day following the issuance of the alert. On April 3, 2019, the teenager was found in Orange Beach, Alabama in the custody of her step-grandfather. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office tracked her down and found her with the man more than four times her age.

U.S. Marshals were the ones to find the duo. Harper and Sizemore were making a trip to the Walmart location in the Alabama town on Wednesday afternoon when they were stopped and questioned. The Marshalls arrested Harper without incident and Sizemore has been rescued and is now in the custody of the investigators who mean her no harm. It is unclear if her home environment is safe for her to return to.

Harper was moved to the Baldwin County jail and set to be heard in court. He might be extradited back to Kentucky, or he may choose to fight the extradition and remain in Baldwin County to face justice for what he did.

Police grew frantic when they couldn’t find Sizemore over the weekend. That’s why the eventually issued the AMBER Alert and asked the entire nation to keep a lookout for the 16-year-old girl.

When someone in Alabama spotted the 16-year-old and her 56-year-old step-grandfather, they called the police and alerted them to their location. They were tracked to Walmart, and Harper was apprehended.

Dawson Springs’ police chief will escort Sizemore’s parents to Orange Beach to reunite them with their daughter.

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