Many of people like to get out into nature as often as possible in their free time. They enjoy the fresh air, the sound of the birds, and the breeze blowing through the leaves. Many people spend their days off hiking, camping, and fishing when the weather gets nice. When people are taking their daily hike in the woods, they don’t really think about the dangers that they might face. There are dangerous things in the woods that people may not realize are dangerous enough to kill them.

Some plants grow with poisons and toxins within them naturally. Many of these plants are colorful and look harmless, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are some plants that may be in the woods near you that could be dangerous to the health of people and pets.

Angel’s Trumpet is a plant that resembles the common chrysanthemum, but it is far more dangerous. Every part of this plant is dangerous including the seeds, roots, and leaves. It can cause hallucinations, labored breathing, and even death. The poison is so toxic that it can make a person sick even if they were to just touch it.

White Snakeroot- It is a plant that is similar in looks to the harmless, dainty, baby’s breath. It is a common plant throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States. Before people were more highly educated about these types of things, cows were known to ingest this plant and as a result, infecting the milk supply. Now farmers are very careful to make sure that their animals ingest particular things.

Foxglove- Many of these poisonous plants are colorful and downright pretty, Foxglove is one of those types of plants. It is also known as digitalis and it is known to be found all over the United States. This plant has compounds within it that are used in medications for people with heart failure. When people consume these compounds that are not suffering from this condition, it has been shown to be fatal.

Rosary Pea is a plant with an unassuming name and a pretty look, like other poisonous plants. It can compromise a person’s breathing if it is inhaled and can kill if it is ingested. Abrin is the toxin that this plant contains, which is a compound that is in the same class of compounds as the dangerous poison ricin. It has been found growing wild in Southern Florida.

Water Hemlock- Also known as cicuta virosa, it is found to grow naturally in North America and Europe. It is one of the most poisonous plants on earth and it has the ability to kill a person within 15 minutes of consumption. The scary part is that it can be mistaken for parsley or a carrot plant when it is not in full bloom.

People need to make sure that they educate themselves about the dangerous plants that can grow wild in their region. It is important so that they can make sure to keep their children and pets safe when they are out for their regular walks and hikes.

Have you ever come across any of these plants in your travels?