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If You Think Tiny Houses Are Too Small, The “Flex House” May Be Perfect For You

You’ve probably heard of tiny house living by now. Your neighbor or your friend or your creative brother or sister may have been raving about the Netflix documentaries and Youtube videos. Then they see all three hundred coffee cups in your cabinet, and they mention that there won’t be room for excess in their tiny house—but hey, aren’t they a little too small?

That’s where the “Flex House” comes in. This unique house from Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics tops out at 760-square feet, and it made people at the Consumer Electronics Show really take notice. People really haven’t stopped talking about it.

Where tiny house owners get into some strange situations with zoning laws and a baby or two, the “Flex house” is equipped to take care of the whole family. You won’t have to climb up to your loft to plop down in your bed. This thing has separated rooms and the privacy that you might be hoping for.

Additionally, these Flex Houses don’t run into the same zoning laws that tiny houses do. That is one part of the focus of the documentaries: finding some land to put your tiny house on. There are laws against living arrangements of a particular size, but they usually only range to about 500 square feet. That means that this flex home has a much higher chance of being accepted by your local zoning laws!

The flex house has a sleek design with plenty of space moving throughout the building. It’s got a full kitchen, a washer, and dryer, a built-in dining area, living spaces like a den or office, a bathroom, a master bedroom, and another bedroom. But if you think you won’t have enough room in there, you’d be wrong.

While being smaller than your normal small house, it’s got the feel of something substantial. With the way the rooms are set up, you’ve got plenty of walking space and open air. It has a free-flowing design where you’ll never really hit a dead end. One room opens to another to another. It seems like a truly great place to live.

The flex house is a smart house too. It comes standard with an Amazon assistant with a smart doorbell, smart thermostat, and smart lock. Throw in an electric car charging station, and you could make sure that you are conserving energy just like you would at a tiny house—or maybe even more.

Green Builder Media’s chief executive officer said, “We live big here in America, but at the same time there’s a growing awareness about resource conservation. What I like about the Flex House is we’re not asking people to sacrifice; we’re just asking people not to use any more room than they need.”

The Flex House comes in at $85,000. If you wanted to get started early, you’d be in luck with this one. It could be delivered to you in 8-12 weeks.

What do you think? Would the Flex House be big enough for you or your family?

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