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If Your Hair Is Starting To Turn Gray, Eat These 7 Foods To Stop It From Getting Worse

Graying hair is a normal part of aging. But it can make people feel old and unattractive. Although nothing about gray hair need be considered unattractive, society has strict and unbending standards of beauty that are unrealistic and nearly impossible to reach. Even when we take care of ourselves and do our best to be healthy and fit, we might not have been born with the body type that society would raise to the upper echelons of beauty.

Fortunately, this is changing. Companies are fighting back against the relentless editing of photos and the portrayal of unrealistic standards of beauty. Nevertheless, we want to fit in and feel good about the way we look. If your hair is starting to gray, you could take action by eating seven foods.

Your food can have a positive impact on your hair color. When you eat a diet rich in nutrients and minerals, you can help change the color of your hair – or at least slow its move toward gray. Add the following seven items to your grocery list if you want to help your hair color.


Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a hair superfood. Not only does the fat content help keep your hair healthy, but salmon also has selenium, which is a requirement for optimal hair health. You probably didn’t know, but selenium helps regulate your hormones and can aid in the fight against premature aging and the graying of your hair.


If your diet focuses almost exclusively on red meat and pork, you could benefit from expanding your palate. Chicken can help keep the hair on your head colorful. Because it’s loaded with protein and vitamin B-12, chicken keeps your strands of hair filled with color. Select studies indicate that vitamin B-12 can halt graying. You’ll get this gray-hair stopper in your chicken, eggs, and other poultry products.


Because these fungi contain copper, you can keep your hair pigment factory operating. Along with the metal, mushrooms also contain selenium and vitamin D. Both help reduce the effects of premature aging. Opt for reishi and shitake mushrooms for the most anti-gray power.


Besides how great they are for your overall health, lentils can also help sustain your natural hair color. You’ll get your share of Vitamin B-12 and B-9 when you chow down on this legume. You can get the benefit from any color lentil. Just make sure to eat a cup of them with your meal.


Dark, leafy greens and other green vegetables are a must for hair health. They have tons of nutrients like copper and vitamin B-12. Eat more of these and enjoy your natural hair color longer.


Go for almonds and walnuts to promote hair health. They have the omega fats your hair loves. But they also contain copper which boosts melanin production in your hair.


While you might push back against trying this one, liver can make or break your hair color. And if you want to stop the gray, eat liver and absorb the iron, B-12, and copper that it is filled with.

What will you eat for hair health?