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If You’re Still Using Bleach In The Laundry, Experts Say To Check Your Medicine Cabinet Instead

Bleach has long been the go-to ingredient for whiting your laundry. But everyone knows that bleach is a dangerous chemical that should be handled with caution. So it is not really the best cleaning supply to be used on a regular basis. Because it is an extremely strong and powerful chemical for cleaning, it can destroy fabrics and eradicate colors. Other, easier, safer and cheaper ways are available to whiten clothes than with bleach or bleach-containing detergents. Below we’re going to go through some options you can turn to when whitening your whites. And you’ll probably never go back to whites when you see how well these work.


You probably have this pain reliever in your medicine cabinet. But if you dissolve six pills into a bowl of water, you can soak your dirty laundry in the mixture before washing. When you use aspirin like this, the chemical can help remove stains to make your whites appear brand new. When you use this method before a wash, your clothes will look better than ever. Bleach can only hope to compete with this aspirin hack.

Baking Soda

Everybody has baking soda in their cabinet. But not everyone considers adding it to the laundry load. But maybe they should. Along with regular detergent, baking soda can scrub away stains. But it also does your laundry machine some good.

Lemon and vinegar

Both of these common ingredients are strong acids. And they can remove stains stuck in your favorite clothes. Mix a cup of vinegar and a lemon juice in a large bowl. Then soak your dirty laundry in the mix for half an hour. When the soaking is done, toss your wet clothes into the washer and use regular detergent. When the cycle is complete, your clothes will be sparkling fresh.

Low heat dryer

When your clothes are ready to dry, your dryer can work extra hard for you. But if you put the temperature up too high, you might be burning your fabrics. If that happens, then your clothes could be permanently stained. It’s simple to prevent it. Just keep your dryer on a lower setting, and your fabrics won’t get as easily damaged.

Hydrogen peroxide

Removing stains from laundry has never been easier than with hydrogen peroxide. This natural chemical can help remove stains in the wash when you soak the stained area directly and let it rest for a few minutes.


Mix some Borax with laundry detergent and your clothes will be cleaner. You can also heighten the power of Borax when you make a paste of it with vinegar. If you use this method, apply the paste directly to the stain. Then wash it and dry it as normal.

Dish detergent

If you have a quality dishwashing detergent, then you know how great it makes your dishes look. So it stands to reason that it can do the same thing for your clothes. Grab dishwashing pods and toss one in with your laundry. They’re pretty harsh on fabrics so don’t use it too often. But if you really want to remove grime and stains, it can help.

Do you have any other laundry secrets?