I’m Not A Fan Of Tattoos, But This One Brought Me To Tears. Wait Until You See What It Can Do : AWM

I’m Not A Fan Of Tattoos, But This One Brought Me To Tears. Wait Until You See What It Can Do

One of the things we miss the most when we lose a loved one is the sound of their voice. Oftentimes, relatives will save a voicemail that was left behind by a loved one who has passed, so they have something to hold on to forever. There is good news for those who never want to leave behind the voice of a relative. A tattoo company called, Skin Motion, specializes in creating soundwave tattoos that have the capability of playing a recording when you hold your phone over the skin where the tattoo is placed.

Sound unbelievable?

Well, singer, Sakyrah Angelique is showing just how real these tattoos are. When Sakyrah’s grandmother passed away, she was devastated, but she prepared for the grief. A month before her grandmother passed, the Chicago native got the soundwave tattoo right above her heart, a fitting location.

The soundwave was taken from a voicemail that her grandmother left her on midnight of her birthday and she can be heard saying “I love you” after she wishes her a happy birthday.

So, how on earth does this work?

The message is ultimately heard by way of a special app that has the capability of playing back the audio file using image recognition. So when the app is selected on the phone, it allows the phone to recognize the image of soundwave that is tattooed on the person’s skin.

While Sakyrah’s grandmother passed away when she was a junior in high school, and she always clung to her memory and she saved the voicemail. Three years later, as technology advanced, she was finally able to have that voicemail in a place on her body to access whenever and wherever she was.

The singer shared a video that shows the tattoo in action. Alongside the video, she shared the following post…

“Today I got that exact waveform tattooed across my heart, and I am able to play it just by holding my camera over it,” said Sakyrah. “I made the decision to get a tattoo of the sound wave of the voicemail…Her voice will forever be across my heart.”

Sakyrah’s video has viewers curious and they post has been shared 13,000 times already.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the tattoo…

“This is beautiful, dope, and such a great way to keep her with you forever. Much love.”

“I have never liked tattoos, and never planned on getting one, but this one I would seriously consider.”

And some were a bit more negative about it…

“Ok… In about 30 years it will look like a deflated rubber balloon and probably sound like Bride of Chucky… but it’s her call.”

“Could she not have just done it on a laminated card or something, rather than permanently etching it into her skin? Also, the position of the tattoo is unfortunate-looking.”

Like most things in life, tattoos are a personal decision and Sakyrah is using hers to show just how much she loved her grandmother. Surely, this comforts her in times of need and will help her get through life’s tougher moments.