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Inmate Getting Released In A Few Months Gets Life Sentence For Video He Recorded Behind Bars

With the invention of Facebook Live, people all around the world have been able to broadcast their every move to the internet. And while many people are not eager for that kind of exposure or attention, a segment of people love to talk and share their lives with the people out there watching. If you log onto Facebook, you probably know which people use Facebook live and which people don’t.

But as Facebook live becomes more popular, it has started to get used for an extraordinary purpose. Criminals are turning to it to broadcast the spoils of their crimes or the plans of crimes they’re planning to commit in the near future.

That’s what 30-year-old inmate Joseph Fletcher from Ohio did. He was currently serving time in prison on a weapons charge but was about to be released in May.  He was set. He just had to survive another few months behind bars, and then he’d be back on the streets ready to get back to living his life.

But that all is going to change.

On a Facebook live video, he confessed to murdering LaDonte Smith. And he did this foolish thing from his own prison cell while serving time on the other charge.

“During a 49-minute unsupervised Facebook Live video Fletcher calls himself a ‘motivational speaker for gangsters,’ says he ‘runs Akron’ and discusses the September 2010 murder of LaDonte Smith, who was found shot to death inside a car in the 700 block of Wall Street,” reported WJW News.

As you probably know, inmates are not supposed to have smartphones in their possession. But Fletcher clearly did. He must have smuggled it in or bribed the Ohio guards. And from there, he live-streamed the video where he confessed to the killing from a few years ago.

For some reason, Fletcher did not think that law enforcement officers monitor those feeds.

Although another man was already convicted for the murder of Smith, Fletcher bragged how he was the one to pull the trigger and end Smith’s life.

“If it weren’t for Champy I’d have a life sentence right now,” Fletcher said, referencing the other man who took the fall for Smith’s murder. “You know I still got love for (Tay). The streets is mean like… But RIP Tay.”

Later, he made a gun motion with his hand and then confessed:

“I did it. Everybody knows I did it. I love Tay. A situation presented itself. You can’t be mad,” He then responded to a viewer of the live video and declared, “you ain’t going to do nothing about it.”

But people are outraged. And the mother of the murdered man, Lashoane Andrus, wants Fletcher to face justice for killing her boy.

“It really hurt me. I sat at the table for like a half hour just sitting there, just staring, just watching the video over and over again because my thing is I can’t understand how you said you did it and in the same breath turns around and say, ‘I love ‘Tay,’” said Andrus.

Officials are mum about how the inmate got a cellphone. They don’t want to incriminate their own officers for receiving bribes or favors.

“The Federal Bureau of Prisons could not, as of Tuesday, explain how he was able to get a cell phone into his cell to be able to post the live video,” reported the WJW television station. “Akron police are aware of the video, but they are not commenting on it.”

What do you think about this confession? Should her serve for murder?