With the former First Lady’s memoir BECOMING on track to be the bestselling memoir of all time, Michelle Obama is riding the wave right now. Not only is her book selling well, she recently came back from a vacation in Europe with her family and has recently traveled to Los Angeles. During her visit to Hollywood, Obama did not skimp on her accommodations, and with the amount of money coming to her from her book sales, she wouldn’t need to.

TMZ reported that Obama rented an extremely impressive property for her stay. The home is located on  Swallow Drive near Sunset Strip in the Hollywood Hills. It is currently being sold on the market for $22.9 million. And now that there is news that Michelle Obama has stayed in the home, it will certainly get a lot more attention and probably sell.

While visiting West Los Angeles, Michelle paid a visit to talent agent Bryan Lourd. He is the boss of the Creative Artists Agency. Obama was talking to him because she wants to work with his world-class agency as she gears up with the help of her husband to create podcasts and video content for Netflix and Spotify.

It is not known if Obama was simply renting the place for a few days or if she was trying it out as a new potential property. Regardless the home is perhaps one of the most luxurious and beautiful in the Hollywood Hills.

Not only has the house never been lived in by owners – only lucky houseguests like Michelle Obama have been able to sleep under its roof – the home has 12,800 square feet of space and includes marvelous rooms and amenities.

The home is not publicly available for rent, however, when a star like Michelle Obama asks if she can use it for the night, the real estate agent jumped at the opportunity. Not only would her visit get the property a lot of attention, but it would also help people see that it is a desirable location within the Hollywood Hills.

The Obamas might find the home to be a great addition to their real estate portfolio. Because they own property in Washington D.C. as well as Chicago, it might be a great – and luxurious way – for them to branch their holdings out onto the West Coast.

The home is known as the Shark House. It is nothing like the relatively modest home the Obamas own on the East Coast. The home includes a 300-gallon aquarium and also offers a Zen-like experience.

Curbed wrote in an article posted in 2018 before the mansion was finished that it would possess a shark pool with “eight stingrays, three hound sharks, one remora shark, one horn shark, one catshark, one starfish, and three yellow tang fish.”

Real estate agent Sam Neal, of Nest Seekers International, believes that the Shark House will attract only the world’s most “sophisticated” buyers. That’s because, as Neal, describes it, this is more of a “resort than a home.”

Neal told Curbed, “Buyers are looking for a place that is more of a resort than a home. It’s about, ‘How much else can I put in my house so that I don’t have to leave?'”

What do you think about this new mansion in the Hollywood Hills?