Although Donald Trump is busy with his job as president of the United States, he and his 50-year-old wife, Melania, still find time to give their son, Barron, a good life. Trump has been married to Melania since 2005. Barron was born months after their marriage on March 20, 2006, making him a full-fledge teenager now. While Barron has taken a backseat on the official presidential business due to the cruel comments about how he could be autistic, a source close to the First Family has come forward to talk about the “unique parenting style” Trump and his wife use to raise their shared son.

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher is a baby expert at The Baby Show and author of Your Baby Skin to Skin. She argues that Melania does not follow conventional rules while raising her son. And since her husband is a self-proclaimed billionaire, money is not a constant issue in Barron’s lifestyle.

Instead of following the “rules” of parenting, Fitz-Desorgher thinks that Melania just listens to her emotions and does what she feels is right at the moment.

Fitz-Desorgher told “We can expect that, like most parents, Melania has her own preferred parenting style. She will adapt this depending on her mood, how much sleep she had the night before, and whether she’s at home or out and about.”

Although some observers have tried to cast doubts onto Barron’s wellbeing by publishing claims that he could be autistic or suffer from another type of learning disability, the baby expert believes that Barron is just an average teenager struggling to feel independent. But it is much harder to “rebel” against your parents when they’re the leaders of the free world.

“Teenagers crave independence but are not yet quite ready for total freedom – the ability to make good life decisions is still a few years away,” Fitz-Desorgher continued. “Tell a teenager to be home by 10 o’clock, and you can expect to be met with angry defiance.”

Because Melania and her husband don’t want Barron battered in the spotlight, they have kept him in the background. He does not travel with the First Family often and remains out of sight and out of mind for many Americans. Instead of seeing the world and accompanying his parents at big meetings, Barron prefers to stay home and play with his computer games.

This mystery has made it tough for experts to judge the parenting style of Trump and Melania.

Fitz-Desorgher added: “As if it isn’t bad enough having every outfit and facial expression analyzed by the world’s press, she [Melania] also is trying to navigate parenting her son, Barron, in the full, critical glare of the media.”

Not only has Melania been responsible for raising Barron, reports indicate that she has lent a helping hand to Ivanka Trump over the years. Because Ivanka is a young mother, she allegedly turns to her stepmother for guidance on the complicated issues.

What do you think about the Trumps’ unique parenting style when it comes to the young Barron William Trump?

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