Kourtney Kardashian took a risk when she showed off her backside in a thong but was rewarded with love from her fans for one little detail. Fans noticed that the images of Kardashian in the string thong seemed untouched by a Photoshop editor. Because the cheeks of her butt rippled slightly in sync with the way she walked up the tree-lined path, fans applauded Kardashian for not leaning too heavily on photo editors to produce a “perfect” look for every single photo.

The photo accompanied a product promotion by Kardashian’s brand, Poosh. The straight-on shots of Kourtney’s nearly bare backside were matched to an article designed to promote getting an “instant butt lift” by doing a series of Pilates exercises.

Kourtney Kardashian has shared her fair share of butt photos throughout the entirety of her social media career. Because her backside is quite famous, fans were keen to notice that these images seemed untouched. In other words, it seemed like Kardashian had not asked for someone to airbrush her butt cheeks to appear smoother than they really are in real life.

Fans applauded Kardashian’s authenticity.

“Way to empower the natural women’s body!! Love this,” one fan commented.

Someone else wrote, “It’s so good to see celebs with cellulite.”

“I love the untouched photos! Amazing!” another fan wrote.

One person in the comments wrote about how they “love that the little dimples were kept! It’s so natural and so beautiful.”

The photo accompanied a blog post that spoke about Kourtney’s workout during COVID quarantine. The blog wrote: “Pilates has become one of Kourt’s favorite workouts over quarantine. She does a session every day outside at her home (some days, she’ll even do two sessions). The exercise is great for toning, stretching, flexibility, and sculpting a nice and round rear. To get all the details on how to perform the routine in the comfort of your own home, we tapped one of Kourt’s trainers and the incredibly talented Pilates instructor, Jesse O’Hara. Ahead, she’s sharing seven at-home Pilates moves for a rounder butt.”

Kardashian’s Pilates butt-lift routine included the following exercises, according to the Poosh blogpost.

  • Side-Lying Leg Extension with Hip Abduction
  • Side-Lying Rainbow Leg Lift
  • Kneeling Hydrant Kickback
  • Kneeling Hydrant Kick
  • Kneeling Leg Circles
  • Quadruped Straight Leg Hip Extension
  • Quadruped Bent Knee Hip Extension

Fans were not shy to compliment the results.

“Cute butt!!”

“I have a dimple in that exact same spot. Soulmates!”

“Okay, but like GOALS.”

“Beautiful (peach emoji),” wrote one woman.

“My God, that’s nice!”

“The things those buns can make a man do,” wrote one fan.

One woman wrote, “We all have flaws is what people don’t want to admit. That’s what makes us lovable and unique. Kudos!”

However, her picture couldn’t please the internet trolls. One critic wrote, “It’s so flabby and cellulity.”

But a positive sentiment ran through most of the comments.

“You do you!” wrote fan Lorier Floener. “You are an amazing and kind, loyal, empathetic, understanding mom, and I’m sure this part of your life is just wonderful. You enjoy yourself. You only get to be here once, and I hope you enjoy every single moment.”

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