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Is Lynda The World’s Fittest Grandmother?

At 61-years-old, Lynda Jagger still turns heads. She’s a bodybuilding extortionate who manages to keep her body in tip-top shape despite her advancing age. The woman, who is from Ontario, Canada, only found the courage to join gyms when she entered her thirties, and now she has biceps bigger than most men, but her husband does not seem to mind that his wife is buff.

Since she started working out seriously and building her muscles, her husband, 55-year-old Mark, encouraged her to enter competitions so she could prove to the world just how fit she was. And now she has achieved her most-confident self ever and is doing great at the competitions.

Although Lynda is a married grandmother, she still has six-pack abs and gets a lot of stares from strange men wherever she goes. These men often engage in conversation with the hot granny and tell her that their biceps are smaller than hers, which she takes as a compliment and a testament to all the hard work she has put into her body over the years.

Lynda is a medical office administrator and personal trainer. She has six grandchildren and only started sculpting her body when she entered her twenties. She joined gyms later when she was in her thirties because it took her some time to gain the confidence to be out in public working out.

As Lynda exercised more and built her strength, her interest in bodybuilding evolved into a passion. Although people encouraged her to show off her stuff and join a bodybuilding competition, it was not until she was 51 that she took them up on it. That was when she finally felt she had the confidence to compete.

“My husband loves the way I look,” she said. “He knows that I get some admiring glances and comments from other men but isn’t really bothered by them. He is very confident in our relationship. He usually brushes it off and doesn’t say too much. He leaves it up to me to handle it if it’s unwanted attention.”

Because her husband has supported her passion throughout their relationship, they have a tight connection and strong bond.

“Sometimes I think they flirt when they don’t know he’s in the room and quickly stop when they realize he’s my husband.”

Because Lynda was a shy teenager and often tired, her doctor at the time encouraged her to work out more. She didn’t want to join the sports teams, so she exercised in her parents’ basement.

“I would follow shows on TV and learn from them,” she said. “The more I started to see results, the more results I was anxious to see, and that kept me going. I enjoyed weight training the most, and I continued this throughout my twenties and thirties. It made me feel strong, and I began to feel more confident about myself.”

Eventually, she started hitting the gym and taking her fitness to a whole new level. Then she joined competitions years later. Now’s she as 61-year-old grandma with six-pack abs.

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