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It Started Out As A Beautiful Father-Daughter Dance, But When The Music Changed, We All Gasped

When father and daughter take the dance floor during her wedding, it is a tender moment everyone can cherish. Her father has already given her away to the love of her life during the ceremony, now it is time to celebrate and have a good time. Sometimes father-daughter dances are very sweet and slow, but for the bride and her father in this video, they wanted to do something that would stun all the guests.

And after weeks of rehearsals, they pulled it off. Everyone was gasping as they delivered a dance mashup for the ages.

When you press play, you’ll see the father and his daughter swaying back and forth at the center of the dance floor. This style is typical of any father-daughter dance. They’re holding each other close and are whispering things to each other about the future and about how they will always love each other.

Both of them look great for the special wedding day. But after about a minute dancing like everyone expects them to, they change it all up and blow away everyone’s expectations.

After the sweet song about how dad held her first, the music cuts out and a classic Elvis track blasts from the speakers.

The bride and her father start moving to the music. They do the twist and show off the moves they’d been practicing for weeks in front of the guests. People begin to cheer, and the energy has picked up significantly.

The song then breaks away for “Everybody Dance Now.” And guess what the father of the bride does? He takes off his jacket and reveals his pink vest underneath. He tosses it like it is nothing over to the audience and then joins the two young women on the dance floor, both of whom are his daughters. And you can imagine how much fun he is having there.

As the performance continues, new songs come onto the speaker. Each one is just as powerful and energetic as the last. But when it comes down to it, the father of the bride and his daughter are having the time of their lives. They’re not going to forget this shared moment for a long time. And neither are the wedding guests. It was certainly a highlight of the night.

The video has long since gone viral on Rumble. The following video description captures what happened very well.

“Footage shows the energetic bride and her father putting their happy feet into action and engaging in a slow traditional dance, after which another girl, supposedly the sister, join in, and they start spicing up the atmosphere with fast dancing. The atmosphere is electric, and the entire room is entertained by their performance!”

Take a moment to watch the clip below. You’ll be impressed with the father-daughter dance that is unlike any other one. Sometimes defying expectations pays off. And it certainly did for this family.

What do you think about this father-daughter dance mashup? Did you enjoy the song selection and the dance moves?