It Took My Neighbor Hours To Install This Cat Door. I Had To Laugh When I Saw His Cat’s Reaction : AWM

It Took My Neighbor Hours To Install This Cat Door. I Had To Laugh When I Saw His Cat’s Reaction

Any cat owner should know you just can’t win with these pets, but one guy found out the hard way when trying to cater to his feline buddy didn’t work out as he had planned. What could be a better solution for a cat to come and go to and from the house than a cat door?

This cat owner hoped for the perfect outcome to his cat dilemma after he spent more than an hour installing the door.

Proud of his hard work, he then introduced his cat Philo to the new door, hoping the cat would take to it and use it as intended. Um. Not quite.

The video’s description explains: “Philo Cat Rejects Cat Door, Part 1. Yesterday, I spent an hour and half installing a new cat door so Philo the Cat could come and go as he pleases. This is his reaction.”

You can hear Philo’s owner remark as the camera shows the house door: “I just installed this brand new cat door… let’s see if Philo likes it.”

Philo enters the scene and his owner encourages him to give the new entrance a try. As cats often do, Philo meanders his way to the steps in no hurry as his owner eagerly awaits the cat’s reaction.

Philo barely gives the special door a glance, stepping to the side of it and extending his head upwards towards the door handle as the owner encourages “try the new door.”

No such luck. The cat hops onto his hind legs and grabs at the door handle like a boss, pulling the levered handle down and hopping back to all fours. Someone inside the house answers the call and opens the door and Philo easily slips in, while his owner gives a groan.

Among the many comments left on the video were those who had a laugh, with notes such as: “Now he needs to teach the cat to shut the door” and “Human, I saw you work on this door thing. Let me test it out for you. Yup, door works well as usual. Good job. Now come in and feed me.”

Other commenters, such as this one, weren’t so sure this wasn’t a bit deceiving: “yeah, and it gave away the fact that this was set up. The cat’s obviously been doing this for a while so he decided to make a funny video out of it. Still funny, but not what he claims it to be.”

Other commenters pointed out that cat doors take some training to get the animal to use it, as one person remarked: “I’ve installed them on two separate occasions and found cats can be highly suspicious of them. Treats help and working with them, in and out. Once they get the hang of it, they usually love it. Although there are a few drawbacks. One is that you have a lot more trouble keeping track of them — they may soon become elusive and that’s not good if you want to know that they’re okay.”

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