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It Turns Out That Prince Charles And Camilla Plotted To Bring Down Princess Diana

When a relationship ends we hope that it can come to an amicable conclusion. Often those “happy endings” are a thing of fairy tales. In real life, divorces are often bitter and furious. And this could not have been truer when it came to the high profile failing marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. During the 1990s, everyone was whispering and gossiping about this royal couple. And it was evident for some time that they were stuck in an unhappy marriage.

Thankfully they were able to get out of it before it ripped apart their family. Or did they? Not the dastardly facts are coming forward, and it is clear that this was no “fairy tale romance” as the media hoped to portray it. The marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was bitter and filled with venom.

It turned out Charles was unfaithful. He continued seeing his former girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles after he married Diana. And after his wife’s suspicious death, he went on to marry the non-Duchess of Cornwall despite his family’s disapproval of her.

Before her death, Charles and Camilla tasked his assistant private secretary Mark Bolland with the ugly job of “demythologize Diana by portraying her as a manipulative hysteric.”

Charles was desperate to make the public love Camilla as much as they did Diana. And he hoped to tear down Diana to do it. And Bollard was eager to help.

Because the public loved Diana, the Royals turned to author Penny Junor, who was in the throes of writing a book that portrayed Camilla positively. Charles wanted Diana to be described “an unbalanced and unfaithful wife, suffering from a borderline personality disorder, who had compelled Charles to return to his true love.”

But before things could work out in Charles’s favor, Diana recorded an interview shown in 1995 on Panorama. And she spoke about why their marriage fell apart.

“Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

Then Camilla was caught calling Diana a “mouse” and “that mad cow.”

Despite her failings, Charles was desperate for his people to fall in love with Camilla like they had Diana. So he took her to New York to meet influencers including Robert Higdon.

“For [Camilla] to get up in the morning and survive until nightfall is a major effort,” Higdon said. “It was even hard for her to get out of bed. She tries her best to do nothing during the day. It was horrible, a disaster.”

Junor finally finished her long book and did as Charles asked. She painted Diana as a demon. And she wrote about how Camilla was “possibly the most wronged and misunderstood woman I have ever met. Diana chose to make false claims about her and the mud stuck.”

Then Junor stuck the knife in Diana’s legacy.

“(Diana) said that Camilla and Charles had made love on the night before the royal wedding. That is simply not true. It was at lunchtime. And only a blowjob at that,” Junor added.

From the beginning, Camilla and Charles plotted against Diana. Even the “sympathetic” author could not hide that truth.