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It Was An Ordinary Day at Costco, Until These Two Strangers Sat Down at the Pianos

You’ve had a tough day. You’re strolling through Costco, and your kids are doing everything they can to turn a grocery trip into something far more difficult. But then you hear something pleasant: A piano, testing out the keys and then embarking on a wonderfully pleasant tune. When you get closer, you notice the man who works there playing away, and soon after, a woman sitting at the keys beside him, letting the magic start to happen.

This happened to multiple shoppers at Costco one day when they see a woman in workout clothes beginning to get herself into the rhythm with the man’s tune of “Someone Like You” by Adele. The young woman looks beside her at the person videotaping her, at two girls gathering close, and you know that this is about to happen.

As the two strangers embark on an impressive duet, customers start gathering around to watch them. It’s clear that this video is something impulsive, an act that the two musicians felt compelled to share with shoppers. When they start to really get into it, it’s clear that the customers have to stop what they are doing and witness this impressive act.

It’s not every day that you have this opportunity. Our daily chores like grocery shopping and watching the kids are too often plagued by stress and obligation, but thanks to these two brilliant pianists, onlookers had the opportunity to break out of their daily humdrum and recognize how truly amazing their fellow humans can be.

The video soon went viral. Having only uploaded a few classical concerts to her Youtube account previously, she could have never expected things to blow up as they did. She writes in the video’s description:

“One day, I happened to walk into Costco and heard “Killing Me Softly” played by Justin, Yamaha Salesman, and we decided to jam away on Adele’s “Someone Like You.” He picked the keys, and we just went for it! Never would I have guessed that this video was going to hit millions of views! I really appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown!”

This budding music therapist from California called the video, “Costco Piano Girl & Piano Salesman: Improv,” and it’s now got over 10 million views, and she had over 8,000 subscribers. Because of that video’s success, she’s now gone on to call her account, “Costco Piano Girl,” helping her be easily recognized so that she can help clients find her even easier.

Next time you’re at the store, think about this scene. Take a look around you. It’s often said that you should, “Wake up and smell the flowers.” But thanks to this video, you should now feel free to, “Listen up and let the world amaze you.”

Thanks for showing us what you’re capable of, Costco girl and Piano Salesman. The customers can be seen all around you witnessing this special event with smiles on their faces, and it’s all because of you.

What would you have done if you heard this?

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