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Italy Just Turned Away A Boat Full Of Refugees And Now They Are Running Out Of Food

The fate of refugees in an increasingly dangerous world has a lot of people on edge. President Donald Trump has warned of the dangers involved in allowing refugees to enter your country without proper vetting, but it’s also a humanitarian crisis. These people have suffered, many have lost their family and now they are being turned away once more in countries around the globe.

Libya is a country in North Africa that has been experiencing conflict and civil war for many years now. This has led to the death and suffering of many Libyan people, some of whom have managed to escape as refugees of this violent series of conflicts.

A group of 629 refugees was recently picked up by a rescue ship, presumably saving many of their lives. But those same lives may be at stake once again, but this time there is nowhere to run.

The vessel requested to dock in both Italy and Malta in order to get the refugees the help that they desperately need. Both countries have denied them entry, despite the possible crisis that is unfolding.

At first, journalists reported that the mood on the boat was rather jovial and happy. The migrants had left their dangerous home country for what they assumed was a better situation. Unfortunately, they may not have been correct in that assumption.

They are now stuck on an overcrowded boat with dwindling food supplies. The boat remains stranded in international waters and Italy has refused to back down in their refusal.

“Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn’t,” said Mattero Salvini, the new Italian deputy Prime Minister. “Italy has stopped bowing its head and obeying. This time we say no.”

This issue goes far beyond just this boat, but that doesn’t make the lives of these people any less important. The Italians know that thousands of African migrants will make their way to Italy in one way or another, and this boat is likely just the beginning of a long summer.

It leaves the country in a perilous situation, but they are standing by their decision wholeheartedly. The outcome depends by far on whether these refugees manage to find a new home before they all starve to death on the ship intended to save their lives, not end them.

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez offered safe harbor for all of the refugees and their ship. But the journey will take three days, a dangerous amount of time for an already over-crowded vessel. Doctors Without Borders has supported this mission, but right now it is in a difficult spot.

“All of the survivors are exhausted and dehydrated because they spent many hours adrift in these boats: there are many survivors with skin burns from the mixture of gasoline and seawater,” reported David Beversluis of Doctors Without Borders.

This group includes 123 unaccompanied minors, whose fates are up in the air like the rest of these passengers. All they want to do is find somewhere safe to lay their heads, yet it has proven impossible in recent times.

What do you think should be done to resolve this crisis?