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It’s This Baby Horse’s First Day Outside, But Keep Your Eye On The Horse Behind The Fence

Horses have to be among the most beautiful animals on the planet. Not only are they smart creatures, but they’re also extremely strong and hardworking. Like a few other animals on the planet, horses can become very connected and responsive to their human companions. They are easily trained and become lifelong friends to those who put in the effort over a long period of time.

However, Scott and Jackie Nelson had a special relationship with a horse. Not only do they run and operate the Down Under Color Ranch in Florida, but they also keep a wide collection of Australian and American painted horses. As you’ll see in the video below, these animals are magnificent and majestic – they’re exactly what you’d want in a horse.

When Poka went into labor during her 11th month of pregnancy, everyone suspected that the baby was going to be special. Chief was the father, and he was a magnificent horse, just as Poka was.

The baby came and was healthy, and the family named it Coconut. And Coconut turned out to be a Medicine Hat horse, which is extremely rare and considered to be magical by some people. Some people believed that horses like Coconut had the ability to protect their riders throughout the battle. As you’ll read in the description below, there was a very important reason for that.

The video below was uploaded to YouTube and has gotten more than 3.6 million views since the day it was shared. Now people are liking it in droves and sharing so many comments, as you should below if you have something to say about this adorable baby horse.

The original YouTube description read as follows:

“Coconut stretching her legs to an audience!  … The herd out back and daddy up front are all watching.  This is Coconut’s first day outside – she is 2 days old in this video.  Coconut’s color pattern is called tovero, with a medicine cap. Coconut is also known as a WAR HORSE which these markings are extremely rare. Only the Chief or the Medicine Man rode this rare horse. They must have a shield on their chest and markings on their flanks which are also called shields.  and they can only have 1 blue eye with liner around the eye. This eye in Indian Mythology is called a Sky Eye.  If the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle, then this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to their Gods.  So that is why she is soooo special. Coconut is out of Poka (TREASURE MY DOT) and is by our stallion Chief (SONNYS MISTER TRUBAR), who is standing.”

Because of the way people think about horses like Coconut, poachers and thieves will stop at nothing to get their hands on the rare horse. Thankfully, Coconut remains safe and happy at his family’s ranch in Florida.

Some viewers wrote the following on YouTube: “What a beautiful foal and she is such a good Mommy, the way she runs interference for the foal when it runs toward the fence. The foals markings are so pretty with her brown ears and spots.”

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