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I’ve Always Loved Cherry Pie, But The FDA Just Ruined Them Forever

Do you love cherry pies? Well, now one of your favorite desserts is about to change – for the worse. The FDA under the Trump Administration is changing the regulation around cherry pies, removing the condition that pies must actually contain the essential ingredient – cherries. The FDA rules, currently, that at least 25 percent of a cherry pie’s weight must come from cherries if it is to be correctly classified as a cherry pie, but now that long-standing rule is about to be scrapped, so manufacturers don’t have actually to use cherries in their “cherry” pies.

The current rule for cherries pies under the FDA is very specific. 25 percent of the pie’s weight must come from cherries, and half of those cherries should be “unblemished” to ensure that quality is standardized and consumers get the cherry pie look when they bite into one of America’s favorite pies.

Although the FDA change is happening under the Trump administration, President Trump has been a vocal critic about how the cherry pie is being attacked.

The change, which was exposed in a series of damning emails obtained by the Associated Press, made it clear that the federal regulators want to make it easier for massive corporations to make bigger profits off cherry pies while not serving the consumer what they think they’re paying for. This already happens with pumpkin pies. If you didn’t know – you should know. Pumpkin pies do not actually contain pumpkin. Instead, the FDA allows the manufacturers who produce the popular pumpkin pie filling to use squash instead.

Not only will the FDA change the way Americans eat cherry pie with this upcoming change, in May they plan to change standards around French dressing. Usually, the dressing has to be 35 percent vegetable oil. That’ll be changing, which will make it cheaper to produce but worse for the consumer.

The FDA created standards around many common foods to ensure quality for you, the consumer. There are regulations around cottage cheese, canned peas, and other foods that you probably eat every week. These regulations ensure that manufacturers don’t trick you into thinking you’re eating cherry pie while you’re actually scarfing down corn syrup or other corn byproducts that are produced to look like cherries. Do you agree that this change should occur? Should a corporation be able to decide whether your cherry is real or not?

The FDA has upheld American cherry pie recipes for decades. Only now, while the FDA is under President Trump, have they challenged these recipes which have been stable for generations. Americans, especially those in the Midwest and the so-called “real America” are outraged that this change is occurring. People don’t think their cherry pies and other American foods should have to change because of corporate profits.

Lee Sanders of the American Bakers Association wants the standard to be revoked so corporations can put what they want in their cherry pies and not be held to the 25% cherry rule.

The FDA also plans to reconsider its rule around milk. In other words, buyer beware. You might now know what you’re consuming anymore. Check product labels.

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