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I’ve Heard This Frank Sinatra Song Thousands Of Times, But This Is My Favorite Version Yet

Carpool karaoke is a favorite activity. Ever since late-night talk show host James Corden made it famous on his show, people have been recording themselves singing in the car. Corden invites celebrities out on a ride and sings songs with them and shares the footage on his late-night show. But we all know how fun it is to get in the car and belt the lyrics to our favorite songs. Children do this at a young age, and it can be the sweetest thing.

But when Archie Clayton, a six-year-old who lives in the United Kingdom with his father, wanted to belt out a song while in the car with his dad, he knew it was going to be a blast. He did not think it was going to turn him into an internet sensation.

While you’d expect the boy to know all the songs on Sesame Street and from the Disney shows and movies that are popular right now, Archie proves that his taste in music is a lot more sophisticated than we’d assume. Instead of belting out the songs from Frozen or his favorite Nickelodeon show, Archie picks a track that is much closer to our hearts. Archie is a fan of Frank Sinatra and decides to sing “Me and My Shadow” by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr for his rendition of carpool karaoke with his dad. He didn’t need any help with the lyrics. He knew them all by heart. He just had to open his mouth and sing along.

And within a matter of moments, his dad Matt decides not to leave Archie hanging. He joins in too and proves that this father-son duo is not to be messed with.

With their rendition of “Me and My Shadow,” Archie and his dad Matt turn a casual car ride into a memorable occasion – and one that millions of people online can share in too.

While the performance means a lot to these singers, it is not the whole thing. They care a lot about their connection and how much fun they’re having singing the song in the car during their casual ride.

After Archie rose to internet stardom, Matt spoke to Kent Online about their carpool karaoke session.

“Whenever we are in the car, we are always singing along, and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favorite. He now knows all the words, and it is always such a pleasure to sing with him.”

When you play the video below and listen to Archie, you can hear the pure joy in his voice. He clearly loves this song and what it means to sing it with his father. Archie knows all the small details of the song and hits them with class.

Archie told Kent Online, “I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much. I like his voice a lot, and I love singing along, but I think my dad is probably a better singer than me. My friends have all said well done Archie, and my mum is very proud of us.”