I’ve Never Had A Homemade Dole Whip Before, But Now It’s My Favorite Dessert Of All Time : AWM

I’ve Never Had A Homemade Dole Whip Before, But Now It’s My Favorite Dessert Of All Time

Any Disneyland or Walt Disney World visitor knows that no trip would be complete without getting the iconic Dole Whip frozen treat. It’s only the most perfect frozen pineapple delight to ever grace this planet and, since it’s traditionally only available in those magical theme parks, it can be hard to come by. It turns out that you can recreate that pineapple magic in your own home, however.

Here’s the best part: the recipe only has two ingredients and assembling your own homemade Dole Whip could honestly not be any simpler. And, for anyone who can’t eat dairy or is vegan, this is also the perfect treat for you on a hot day. The video from Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking explains how to whip (get it?) up this ridiculously easy dessert.

First, gather together the following: frozen pineapple (so that the Dole Whip comes out thick and creamy), coconut milk, and a blender.

Add the milk to the blender first to make blending easier and then add the frozen pineapple. Blend until it’s smooth.

You may have to stop your blender and hand mix it a few times before continuing to blend it if you find that your appliance isn’t cutting through the concoction easily. No worries, just turn off the blender, give a little mix, then return to blending.

And, if your initial blending doesn’t yield soft enough results, it’s a simple enough fix. Just let it sit on the counter for a few minutes and it will soften to the perfect consistency. If you’re looking for that “soft serve” presentation, you can go the extra mile and add the whip to a piping bag, then squeeze it into a cup or a hollowed out pineapple.

There’s almost no waiting to dive into your homemade Dole Whip since it doesn’t have to go in the freezer before eating. Gemma does note in the video, however, to have your bowls nice and cold or even frozen to make your Dole Whip snack last longer. Her presentation in the hollowed out pineapple is definitely perfect for the Hawaiian soft serve.

Among the people who weighed in with comments on the video was one person who was surprised the recipe was so successful, noting: “I just tried this for the first time and I really didn’t expect that whipped pineapple with coconut milk could taste so good? And I only had enough pineapple for a small portion. I’ll buy more tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe.”

Another commenter simply stated: “Love how easy and healthy this is.”

Others offered alternatives to pineapple, with one commenter noting: “I love this idea. I might have to try this with strawberries or mangoes though, I think that would be awesome and a healthy sweet treat!! Thanks for the video!!” and “I’ve done this with mango and it was delicious.”

One person offered this helpful tip: “If your pineapple is raw, don’t use dairy milk. The enzymes will break down the casein and make a bitter nastiness after a while and also release water.”

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