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I’ve Never Had My Hair Cut With Swords Before, But I Have To Admit It Looks Better Than Ever

Artists have their quirks. As a writer, I love working in the morning when my ideas are freshest and sharpest. I know painters who love only using oil paints and certain types of brushes. And my barber, who considers his work an art form, loves only the highest-quality blades when it comes to his razors and shears. But there is a hair stylist in Spain who has made a name for himself by doing things a bit different, and you’re going to love the guy’s unique style.

Watch as barber Alberto Olmedo uses Japanese Samurai swords to cut the hair of his clients. His salon is based in Madrid, Spain and has gotten a reputation around the world because of his choice of hair-cutting tools. The swords that Olmedo uses are extremely sharp and deadly. And if he gets a bit too close, he could cut more than someone’s ear.

Although the swords add to his mystique, he uses them because they are practical. He says that they help ensure that both sides of the hair are cut equally. Videos of Olmedo show him using his assassin swords to chop at the hair of his female clients, who get a kick out of the dangerous method.

Olmedo doesn’t just love using swords. He also uses blades like the X-Men superhero Wolverine – yes the blades seem to come from his knuckles.

Some people are horrified by the videos of this barber working. Others are enthralled and want their hair to get chopped to bits by the samurai barber of Madrid.

“It’s a bit medieval. Sometimes you have to use your imagination to get positive results,” Olmedo told Al Jazeera.

He said, “Hairdressers usually shorten one, and the other side of the hair. That’s why one is always different from the other.”

Sometimes Olmedo uses two blades to cut hair. Other times he uses just one sword. It depends on his client and their hair quality. The use of his medieval broadsword helps him cut more hair, which works when it comes to a transformation makeover.

In the video, watch as the barber asks the woman to lean back so he can chop aggressively at her hair with his pair of swords. Pieces of hair flutter to the fall like feathers after his razor-sharp blades cut through the hair on her head.

People have made a comparison to barber Olmedo’s methods to that of Hollywood character Edward Scissorhands.

Readers on Daily Mail are not convinced the samurai swords are the best idea.

“He might want to try scissors next time. I’ve been told they work pretty well if one wants to cut hair.”

“I don’t trust anyone enough for this level of stupidity. I bet his business insurance company has just canceled his liability coverage.”

“Gimmicky and stupid. Not the hair cutter, the women paying him.”

“A sword to cut hair! What next I wonder, the lawnmower?”

Would you visit this man’s barber shop in Madrid, Spain? Or does his use of swords scare you away?

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