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I’ve Watched This Movie 100s Of Times, But I Never Noticed This Small Detail

When it comes to Christmas movies, Home Alone is one of the best ones. Even though it has been out for years now, Home Alone has proven to be a classic that has stood the test of time. You’ve probably seen the flick more than a few times yourself, but I’ve been a fan for years. That’s why my ears perked up when news writer Claire Reilly from Sydney, Australia pointed out something we all missed about the red and green Christmas décor in the 1990 movie.

Reilly shared her feelings about how the family went to extreme lengths to decorate for the holiday even though they would not be home for Christmas. In the Twitter thread, Reilly points out how the family decorated everything including the kitchen tile, wallpaper, and the phone. There is a Christmas-theme tapestry in the house as well as sets of kitchen pots and pans that are red, green, or a combination of both. It becomes obvious to any viewer in a matter of seconds that this family certainly loves Christmas.

On Twitter, Reilly wanted to talk about Home Alone nearly thirty years after it was released. The McCallisters’ home, which is based in Winnetka, Illinois is the perfect place to spend Christmas. Why then would the family leave it behind after so much decorating?

“Can we talk about the McCallisters’ house in Home Alone for a second? Like, of COURSE, you’re going to be a target for Christmas bandits if your house is ENTIRELY Christmas themed! Okay, yes, they have a lot of Christmas decorations up, but that is JUST THE START.”

Claire wanted to hammer her point home, so she shared images from the movie proving just how much the family decorated their home.

In the image, Kevin McCallister (actor Macaulay Culkin) is in a Christmas-green bathrobe and red pajama pants. He is in his family’s living room sitting on a green couch. The room is decorated with green curtains and a Christmas-patterned chair. There are also regular Christmas decorations in the home too.

Although Reilly loves the movie, she was taken aback upon watching it as an adult. And she felt compelled to share her humorous rant on Twitter. She continued:

“Look at that wallpaper! What kind of monster has red wallpaper next to a green wall? Offset with contrasting green house paint and red candles?”

To caption an image of the hallway, she wrote, “Throw up a festive green tapestry in the green corridor on the way to your attic, why not!”

In the photo with the McCallister matriarch on the phone, Reilly wrote: “Yes, it’s the 90s, but who has a green LANDLINE PHONE? With red, white, and green wallpaper? And red flowers hanging from the bed above red pillows? Did they cast Catherine O’Hara purely because of her red hair? This goes all the way to the top.”

Next time you watch Home Alone, you’re bound to notice how decorated the family is for Christmas.

Do you think the movie’s set designer went a little overboard?