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Jaded Six-Year-Old Writes Scathing Letter To ‘Father Christmas’, Goes Viral Overnight

Every Christmas season, many children from all over the United States and the world write heartfelt letters to Santa Claus. In these letters, eager children write about all the things they want to get from Father Christmas. They talk about wanting to see the latest toys and games under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

And for young children who believe in Santa Claus, their letter should reflect the optimism and hope they should have. And we use the word “should” intentionally. Although these children are not straddled with thousands of dollars in student loan payments and no worries about how to keep your career going forward, some are still worldwise like they are already past their prime.

One jaded six-year-old wrote to Father Christmas about their holiday season. In the letter, you’ll meet one of those “old souls” who seems a lot older than their birth certificate would indicate. And although this letter looks like it was written by a child in the first grade, when you read the words put on the page, you’ll be forced to wonder about this child. Their letter to Santa is shockingly dark and emotional.

The author of this “Dear Santa” letter was Sarah McCammon’s son. Instead of requesting something for Christmas, he used the opportunity to write to the big man and reveal the depths of his deep, dark soul.

The six-year-old even used skulls to decorate the side of the letter. Here’s what the boy wrote.

“Dear Santa,

“Santa I’m only doing this for the class. I know your naughty list is empty.

“And your good list is empty. And your life is empty.

“You don’t know the troubles I’ve had in my life.

“Good-bye, (I’m not telling you my name).”

Because mom didn’t want anyone calling “child services” after reading her boy’s dreary Santa Claus letter, she chose to clarify.

She wrote, “PS – the “troubles” in his life? His brother. Don’t call child services.”

While this little boy might seem depressed about his young life, he could be using a different tactic. Because Santa gets thousands of letters from little boys and girls every season, perhaps this boy was writing his like this so he could get noticed before the other kids. But it appears that the boy was actually just not a believer in the toy making and delivery that goes on at the North Pole.

Yesterday, my wife and I took our daughter to meet Santa for the first time. Since she is our first child, my wife got her decked out in a beautiful Christmas dress. Then I waited in line for an hour to reserve our spot to get a photo with Santa Claus. My seven-month-old daughter had a great time sitting on the big man’s lap. She didn’t cry. This made us very proud. Now we have some great Santa Claus pictures that will last a lifetime. You can only imagine how happy the grandparents were to see the images.

Do you have any good Santa Claus memories with your kids or grandkids? If so, tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear your Santa Claus stories.