If you’ve been on Twitter recently, then you’ve probably noticed that Jeffrey Epstein is trending. While conspiracy theorists have believed that his suicide was suspicious from the beginning, new allegations – from the deceased child rapist’s brother – have fanned the flames again. Epstein’s brother, Mark, said that he doesn’t believe that his brother would kill himself as the reports claim. Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging from his jail cell, but his brother’s attempt to obtain the accused child rapist’s medical file has been thwarted by government officials at every juncture.

When Mark Epstein received his brother’s corpse, he found it covered in unexplained cuts, which had nothing to do with his alleged suicide by hanging. Because Mark was suspicious, he asked government officials for the medical records but has been denied them every time he has asked. This makes him highly suspicious of what the government is up to.

“They’re playing a game,” Mark Epstein told Fox News. “I’ve done the appropriate requests with Justice twice and have heard nothing. I was told someone is looking into it.”

Mark Epstein said that he had done everything in his power to get the medical records. He reached out to the New York City Medical Examiner’s office, which is only a few dozen blocks from Trump Tower, but the official ignored Mark’s request time and time again. He first asked the New York office for records on August 16, 2019. They did not respond to him appropriately. They told him that if he wanted to get Jeffrey Epstein’s medical records, he’d have to pry them from their cold, dead fingers by way of force through the Department of Justice.

Three months later, Mark still doesn’t know what really happened to his brother, the accused serial child molester. He wants to know, he wants closure, and he wants the government to do their job and help him.

“I have no standing to use,” Mark admitted. “People should know the truth about what can happen in a federal facility.”

Since Epstein was in a federal prison that ladders up to the president and Jeffrey Epstein were a former friend of Trump’s, Mark is very suspicious about how his brother died and why there were cuts across his body.

“My brother might have been murdered,” he told Fox News. “This is not about me.”

Mark found that Epstein had to bruise on his wrists. He also had a cut on his arm and other marks across his shoulders.

“Those are unexplained,” the concerned brother said. “Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrists are unexplained.”

Mark hired Dr. Michael Baden to witness the autopsy. Dr. Baden said that these injuries had no explanation and that they would not know the truth unless they got the medical results.

“Did the injuries happen a week before or at the time of the incident? We have to look at the microscopic slides to see when the injuries occurred,” the doctor said. “The brother requested this information three months ago, and he still has not gotten it.”

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