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Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Are Coming Forward With The Truth

Bad guys like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein always get their day of reckoning. Although they might have gotten away with horrible crimes for years, eventually they must face the sound of justice – and because they have committed years of vile acts, at that time the most expensive lawyers in the world have little power to save them from years in prison.

As expensive defense attorneys fight to save billionaire Jeffrey Epstein from time in prison ahead of his bail hearing, the prosecution has taken a different course. Now victims of Jeffrey Epstein are coming forward to describe how the man used his power and influence to get them into vulnerable situations so he could rape and molest them.

Victims are coming forward to share the horrors they endured at the behest of the billionaire. And the tales are absolutely horrendous for any parent.

Two victims who independently accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual assault back during his criminal trial in 2008 have stepped up to speak out against the child rapist.

While Jeffrey Epstein raped Courtney Wild, she was still in middle school. Not only did he force the girl into vicious sex acts, but she was also wearing braces at the time, which only made it clearer that she was underage.

“He said, god, you’re just so beautiful and sexy and gorgeous, and it was making me feel really uncomfortable,” victim Michelle Licata said.

When Epstein was sexually assaulting Licata, she was just a 16-year-old girl.

Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are ready to put Epstein behind bars for as long as possible. He currently faces 45 years in prison for the horrible things he did to little girls.

While the lawyers prepare for the billionaire’s bail hearing, it is certain that the prosecutors will mention how Epstein is a flight risk. Not only will they want him to remain behind bars Monday when he appears in court, but they also do not believe that the billionaire should be allowed bail – since he has ample funds to flee justice and put more little children in danger in the process.

Epstein has been accused of offering young girls cash for massages and then sexually assaulting them.

When Epstein appears before the judge for the bail hearing, two of the victims he sexually assaulted will be present.

Licata’s story is absolutely horrible. She was escorted to Epstein’s Palm Beach estate where he paid her to give him a massage.

As he complimented her girlish body and looks, he asked her to do more and more things to him. He kept asking her to go lower and lower as he tried to sweet-talk her.

His other victim, Courtney Wild, was even younger than Licata. She was in middle school when Epstein raped her.

“I was 14. I had braces on,” Courtney said. “Like, I remember standing in his kitchen, and he also had a lot of girls there all the time.”

Wild and Licata are brave to stand up and speak out against the billionaire. They were present during the 66-year-old’s trial in Florida back in 2008. They hope that the registered sex offender will stay behind bars so he can’t hurt more daughters.

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