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Jerry Lewis Leaves His Disabled Daughter With Terrible News After His Death

Jerry Lewis, the comedian, actor and screenwriter, ignited controversy when news broke that he didn’t include his first six children, from his first marriage to Patti Palmer, in his will. Additionally, Lewis did not recognize his eighth daughter, Suzan Lewis. Despite her father’s financial successes, the Philadelphia-resident is currently homeless. 

As detailed by Page Six, Lewis’ eldest son Gary assisted in DNA tests that confirmed with 89 percent probability that she is the late-comedian’s biological daughter. Lewis passed away on August 20, 2017.

Married on October 3, 1944, Lewis and his first wife raised six children together, adopting one, and having five biological children. While in his first marriage, Lewis had various affairs with other women.

One of these affairs was with Suzan’s mother, Lynn Dixon, over a period of three years, though their relationship disintegrated soon after the birth of their daughter.

Lewis was not around for Suzan’s birth, nor did he see Dixon again after she was born. Dixon later married New York restauranteur and businessman Hy Uchitel, whom Suzan grew up thinking was her father.

According to reporting by Shared, Suzan was only told the truth about her father after her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. After learning the identity of her biological father, Suzan’s subsequent attempts to contact Lewis were obstructed by the comedian’s ex-wife.

Her last interactions with her father were in the 1980’s, and although she had known his health was failing, and had made attempts to open up communication, she did not know that he had passed away.

Suzan’s limited access to news and social media, as a result of her homelessness, left her unaware of his death until a friend informed her of what had happened.

Lewis’ son Gary opened up communication with Suzan after the news of their shared parent was made public. Her uncanny resemblance to their father assured him that Suzan was one of Lewis’ children.

Unfortunately, circumstances in Suzan’s life have left her living on the streets, and while Lewis’ estate is valued at an estimated $50 million, his daughter was not allotted any financial support, exhibiting that homelessness can affect members of families despite elevated financial status.

It is cases like this that unveil the true extent of the selfish masculine society we live still today. If Lewis had only been able to accept that he lived a secret life of sexual pleasure and that he is responsible for the outcome of his actions. Now we are left with a lost and lonely women wandering the streets without as much as a penny for her troubles from an extremely wealthy father who was too prideful to admit his actions. It would seem as though Suzan has some closure about who she really is – but it is far too late. Our society is at a point where men younger than Lewis are having to face up to the consequences of their actions. Hopefully this will prevent future cases like Suzanne from occuring.